The Sadler's in Sorrento!... Part 2 June 23 2016

Hey lovelies, good to see you again!

If you thought part 1 of our Italian adventure was exciting, then you're in for a real treat because I've got lots more to share with you yet! Challenged with only a day and a half left to explore this beautiful place, we were determined to pack in as much as possible.

There's lots to see in an around Sorrento, so It was a tough choice between visiting the Mount Vesuvius volcano or taking a boat trip, we opted for a boat trip to the island of Capri, but first let me tell you about the lemons!



Remember there are tons of lemon trees everywhere in Italy and the Italians sure know what to do with the them. They turn it into a potent alcoholic beverage called Limoncello. Ok, so the first sip might make your hair curl but after that' woah it certainly puts some colour in your cheeks!  Especially for breakfast! Did I just say that?...

Well, we were innocently heading down to the Marina to take a boat trip to Capri, when we passed this cute little place that refused (ok we didn't need too much persuading) to let you walk on by without sampling there wares. And it just so happened that once inside, their wares were ALL limoncello shaped, literally by the bucket load. And I kid you not, they were serving if from a giant lemon shaped bar; these guys really do a good job of spoiling you! Enough said. :)




Limoncello also puts a spring in your step ready for that boat trip! You can book these from the Marina, where there are lots of options available from teeny tiny two person boats to bigger double decker versions, where you can sit upstairs in the sunshine and take in the amazing views. We picked a big one to take us to the Island of Capri, it's a short twenty minute journey across the sea and boats leave about every half an hour or so. 

I would have spoilt you with some cool video footage I filmed here, to prove I did it (wobbly nervous knees included) but in all the excitement, I managed to delete it before saving it (total fail) but trust me, It was ace! 

You arrive on the Island to a bustling harbour, a few touristy shops and restaurants, a small pebble beach and the sweetest guy in the world making handmade leather sandals! We could have stood and watched him all day! 




The way into the main town is about 20 minutes up a steep and winding hill, I guess you could walk or take the cable cars, but we chose an open top taxi to arrive in style. Once up the hill, grab yourself a lemon granita which is a freshly squeezed icy lemon drink, perfect for cooling you down and possibly one of the most refreshing things I've ever tasted; I will forever be craving these on hot Summer days! 




The Island of Capri is very different to Sorrento, it feels much more fancy and up market compared to the laid back charm of its neighbour. The shopping is mostly high end, so if you fancy spoiling yourself with designer labels, you'll be right at home here. For me, the sweet guy making leather sandals had already stolen my heart and was a little easier on the bank balance!

If fancy shops aren't your thing, then head for a wander down the cobbled side streets for an explore. Here you will find lush gardens, scenic walks, courtyards and plenty of beautiful views to take your breath away. 




And of course we found the perfect spot to take a Sadler family selfie too! Priorities! :)



It will probably take you around three or four hours to soak up the atmosphere in Capri, a little more if you head even higher up the hill to visit the shops there, but we decided to head back down the hill for a beach break, Mr C even went for a quick swim but I won't indulge you with pics of him in his cozzie! 



They're not big on beaches in this part of Italy, but this one in Capri, although small, was beautiful and very relaxing. A couple of hours spent chilling here is the perfect way to wind down before you head back on the boat... bliss. 

Once we arrived back in Sorrento we had a quiet couple of hours back at our hotel around the pool, before heading out for dinner in the evening.

We loved that the streets were still buzzing way into the night and won't ever forget that magical evening we spent sat outside by candlelit, being serenaded by an Italian couple with a guitar, whilst eating all the pizza' again! yes, this was about our third in two days but it was just too good not! 





So that my lovelies, was day two of our adventure in Sorrento, limoncello for breakfast, a boat trip to explore the island of Capri and an evening of fun by candlelight... hope you enjoyed it as much as we've enjoyed sharing it with you?..

Luckily we still had a few hours left the following morning to see some more of this wonderful place. 

There is always room for more Gelato... especially at Puro bar in the centre of town.



And for peering into doorways with stairs and tiles like these... swoon. 



And for stocking up on blue skies and turquoise sea for miles... 



And for cactus as tall as you and lush greenery to die for...



And for roof terraces perfect for lounging and watching the world go by... 



And 'finally' for sipping strawberry flavoured cocktails... underneath the Sorrento sunshine!



It's amazing just how much fun you can squeeze into a few short days! 

Italy... the Sadler family have totally fallen for your authentic charm, romantic style and warm and friendly ways, not to mention the food :) we don't ever want to leave, and for the family who only ever holiday close to home' this is quite the achievement! 

If you're tempted to explore somewhere new, then this is definitely the way to do it, short but ridiculously sweet, with enough excitement to keep you coming back for more. 

Huge love and thanks to Blogtacular for the opportunity and to Thomson Holidays for an experience we will treasure forever. It was certainly very different to Cornwall! ;) 

Oh' and if you would like to see Sorrento through the eyes of my 18 year old son Milo, then look out for his photography post I'll be sharing that with you soon.

Allison x