The Sadler's in Sorrento!... Part 1 June 20 2016

Hey lovelies! 

How're you doing?... If you're in the UK you're probably desperate for the sun to shine and if you're elsewhere and the sun is spoiling you with warm rays, then send some this way! Or if you're in a complete panic that the sun may never shine again, then how about heading off somewhere where the sunshine is guaranteed?... We did and over the next few days I'm going to be sharing our little adventure with you right here on my blog. 

No need to pack your suitcase and flip flops yet, just pop the kettle on and enjoy your mini break with the Sadler's!



So first up, how exactly did the family who only ever holiday in Cornwall end up in Sorrento?... Well I have the Blogtacular event to thank for that and of course a certain wonderful holiday company! :)

Way back in 2015 I attended Blogtacular and was given the opportunity to pitch an idea to Thomson's, I'd never pitched for 'anything' before or worked with a brand but in true Allison style, I thought I'd give it a whirl and see what happened. I didn't take it too seriously and just had some fun connecting with the crew (especially Christian and Nicky who I've fallen a little bit in love with' ok I love them millions!) And bingo, a few weeks later I got the most exciting email ever 'Thomson's wanted to work with me' eeek! I could not believe it. I remember that morning driving down the road in my pyjamas to tell Mr C the good news, we literally danced around the shop squealing with excitement! 

Stuff like this only ever happened to other bloggers not to little old me! Now to wait and find out where we were going. I swear the angels up above must have been shining some kind of magic down on us because when we found out we were going to Italy we couldn't have been happier. It was right up there at the top of our wish list of destinations to visit. The Sadler's in Sorrento has a certain ring to it don't you think?...

Challenged with squeezing as much as possible into a three day short break, here's what we got up to. 



Challenge number one (well for me anyway) was flying, I can do anything in this world except fly! It fills me with a crazy fear and I literally go weak at the knees when I think about travelling up high in the sky (this is one of the reasons we holiday in the UK) but I was determined to be super brave and to not let 'my fears' stop me from going on this amazing adventure. And do you know what it was fine, short flights and fluffy clouds are absolutely the way forward for a scaredy cat like me, yay! Just two and a half hours from the UK, a few drinks and nice nibbles and you're there. Job Done :) 



And boy was it worth it to experience something new! We arrived late at night, but started our adventure immediately wandering the still busy streets and standing in awe staring at the orange trees. Yup. We had never seen them before and seeing anything for the first time is pretty special isn't it? We could have walked those streets all night long, but sleep was calling ready for an early start the next morning; with only two and a half days to pack it all in we didn't want to miss anything.

We woke to brilliant blue skies and more citrus trees, the hotel was completely surrounded by them and it was even more magical in the light of day! And that pool, swoon, blue, orange and chevron floor tiles forever!



'That first morning when we stepped out of our hotel into the streets was unforgettable, the warmth of the mediterranean sunshine hitting our skin, the sweet scent of oranges and lemons filling the air mixed with the sound of a thousand scooters racing by and those beautiful faded buildings lining the roadside into Sorrento sent the Sadler family senses rushing'

Every part of us felt alive in a way that we hadn't experienced in such a long time. The excitement was electric, there was just so much to see and breathe in at every corner. 





We stayed at the Parco del Sole which was about a twenty minute stroll from the centre of Sorrento (or a couple of hours if you stop and take pictures of everything like we did!) you can use the hotel shuttle bus if you're in a hurry, but we recommend walking to soak up the sights! 



Oh' and walking gives you plenty of opportunity to meet the locals too, like these guys, sat outside a traditional Italian coffee shop all in a row! You know when you've seen stuff in the movies and then suddenly you're standing there for real taking it all in?... Yeah that! Italian sidewalks were just how I'd imagined them to be, I even got a cheeky "Ciao Bella" as we passed them by! so totally charming! :) Honestly, I think anything said in a romantic Italian accent will forever melt my heart. 






And while you're strolling... you get the chance to discover the best gelato and cake shops too! Nutella with cream anyone?... Yum! 





When you've finally made it into the centre of Sorrento, you can keep on strolling slowly through that endless sunshine all day long; taking in the smell of fresh coffee as you go, stopping for the occasional espresso and exploring the narrow cobbled side streets filled with cute stores each one tempting you inside with sun dried tomatoes, peaches, pasta, leather and lace! Just heavenly!





Once you've finished shopping for goodies and wandering through the pretty streets, you can head gently down to the Grand Marina where you will find breath taking views of the sea, plenty of boat trips and the best pasta and fresh fish restaurant in town! Trattoria de Emilia is a family run place located right on the edge of the seafront, here you can sip limoncello or Prosecco, sample the authentic homestyle cooking and paddle your toes in the water all at the same time. Bliss. 





Mr C and Milo certainly enjoyed it! and I won't tell you how quickly I polished off the calamari and pan fried prawns... mmmm .. and lil miss hasn't stopped talking about the delicious gnocchi! This place is definitely a dream come true for a family of foodies! 



After lunch, you can go for another walk to work off the guilt of eating your own body weight in pasta! try taking another route on the way back into town, like we did to get lost in those streets all over again and stumble across the most beautiful courtyards you've ever seen! 





Then we made our way 'slowly' back to the hotel for an early evening swim and some more cocktails... cheers! 




Well we had to build up an appetite again ready to go out for pizza! the food is just so good in Italy, it's only right to enjoy it while you're there! And we were fortunate enough to find a place frequented by the locals, nothing fancy, just one hell of a really good pizza menu, stone baked right there in front of you. It was called Popolino's and I promise it was worth flying out to Italy just for that! It was the perfect end to a pretty perfect day. 

So that was day one, spent strolling in the sunshine doing all things typically Italian. I think that's the beauty of going somewhere new, the simple things to be found locally right there on your doorstep are enough to make you smile and fall over yourself with happiness, or could that have been the several cups of espresso we drank too! :) whatever it was, it was plenty to keep us busy and the vibe had completely captured our hearts, we couldn't wait to explore some more. 



I'll be back again soon with part 2 of our little adventure where you can join us for a short boat trip across the ocean to the beautiful island of Capri. Eek! I'll let you into a little secret, I'm not a fan of boats either, but I'm being brave and doing all the things remember! 

See you soon lovelies

Allison x