Easter Spring posy... March 31 2015

Hello lovelies!

The sunshine is still teasing us at the moment but luckily we have an abundance of Spring flowers readily available to us, to brighten up our homes. 

And with Easter just around the corner, its the perfect time to decorate and have some fun with your floral displays... open your crockery cupboards and raid your vintage china, anything that can hold water will make arranging your flowers more interesting, I mean why just pop them in a vase when you can be a little more creative and arrange them in vintage teacups instead?... so much nicer! 

I took my regular Tuesday morning trip to the flower market today and came back with these...

Pretty pink tulips, ranunculus, delicate wax flower, some eucalyptus to add some greenery and must have Spring time yellow daffodils! I like to mix them all up to make a really cute posy. 

And then I spent a lovely afternoon filling 'teacups' and little jugs with all the pretty blooms and dotting the displays all around my home. Instant sunshine in every room! 

Even if it is grey, wet and windy outside! 

Sometimes you have to just create your own sunshine ... in a teacup! 

big love for now lovelies

Allison x 



the making of Elepig... November 08 2013

A few weeks ago I was sat in my workroom stitching up a batch of bunting and cushions, I could happily do this all day long but decided I wanted to make something a little different.

This often happens if I'm pottering around in my studio or playing around with ideas and it gets my creativity going and breaks things up a bit... and lets face it, I've made a hell of a lot of bunting! (well who hasn't since those pretty triangle flags became the 'thing' that no home could be without!) 




Anyway, why an Elephant sprang to mind, I really don't know but it did and here he is!

I made a spotty one and posted a cute pic of him on Instagram, he got a whole lotta likes and love! I guess I was just testing him out really, I wasn't sure if he looked like an Elephant or a pig! Of course he wasn't 'quite' either of those things. He was Elepig, a little crazy, very different, slightly wonky on the one side, sometimes his trunk is a little too short and he's got one really big ear!  

The beauty of handmade eh' everyone is scrumptiously unique.





And would you take a look at him now, sitting as happy as Larry on The People shop shelves (a'hem, apparently you can buy one in the online store too!) charming all the customers who are finding it ever so slightly difficult not to sneak one in their shopping bags. 


Hooray for Elepig!

big love

Allison x x x 

a little late night sewing session... June 30 2013

You guys know how much I like instant results right?... and you know if I decide I want to design and make something new I want it all cut out and stitched up in record time. I want it ready to step into in like a couple of hours max!

Well I've had this beautiful bold black and white stripy jersey fabric knocking around for a couple of months now, I bought it to make an oversize T to wear with my skinnies and converse.  Well Thursday night I  was in a 'late night sewing' kinda mood and I decided I wanted to make something new to wear and I wanted to be wearing it the following morning.

Ya see, that's how my best makes happen, I get a feeling, a little idea of how I wanna look and if I ain't got that little something I want in my wardrobe *boom* I get the sewing machine out and whizz something up in an instant. 

I trained in Fashion design and it's a real beaut being able to make my own clothes whenever the mood takes my fancy.  Anyway, forget the oversize t-shirt, I decided to make my all time favourite signature dress instead.

mono dress.jpg
I’ve made it so many times now I don’t even use a paper pattern.. I just lay the fabric out and start cutting. It’s a slightly risky way of doing things but I love the excitement of seeing how its gonna work out each time.

And work out it sure as hell did baby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dress heaps. So much so I decided to save it to wear to something special next weekend.

So if you're out and about and you see a very happy girly wearing a black and white stripy dress, come say hello it could quite possibly be me!

Oh.. and don't worry if that doesn't happen I won't keep you lovelies guessing for too long... come back again next week and I'll post pics of the finished thing, hopefully with me wearing it if I feel brave enough to have my pic taken!

see you soon kids
Allison ... hello homey x x x

cushion lurve ... May 05 2013

Yesterday I spent the luuuurveliest afternoon with the most gorgeous 'home' girls ever!

It was the first of the  makin it homey workshops.  And I tell you what, tea and cake around the kitchen table, whilst leisurely stitching up a few pretty polka dot and floral cushions is *the* way to do it.  

It was relaxed and informal, chilled and easy going... I even let the girls rifle through my own gorgeous stash of vintage fabrics! These are simple sewing workshops done the hello homey way, no fuss, no worries and absolutely no stitching experience necessary.

cushion lurve.jpg

For me the sweetest thing in the world is seeing ladies who've never gotten their stitch on before, heading home clutching a pile of cushions they've just made themselves.

I reckon a couple of hours on a Saturday, the sharing of skills, coupled with some good conversation and a your own gorgeous handiwork to take away with you, is just about the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Don't you agree?

You do? Well why not  come and get your stitch on too... upcoming dates on the makin it homey calender are :

Saturday 25th May - 'oh baby bunting' & other gorgeous home accessory makes.

Saturday 15th June - 'sweet Summer styling' - tips, tricks and a sweet summer project or two - all you need to pretty up your home and say 'hello summer'.

to book your space at the kitchen table come and say hello at allison.hellohomey@gmail.com

Big love
Allison  x x x

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