October looked like this... November 06 2015

Slowing down after a crazy busy Summer, embracing the start of a snugly new season and stealing away to the sea to soothe the soul... 



Now I'm feeling ready for all that November brings... some festive making, preparing the shop for Christmas, filling my home with candles, comfort food and strings and strings of sparkly fairy lights! 

big love

Allison x 


Are you feeling beautiful?... March 04 2015

Or are you waiting for a hashtag to come along to tell you that you are?... If like me you use Instagram, then its probably the latter. 

Now if you know me well, you will know I love IG, its a nice place to hang out, to post pretty pictures and to connect with lovely people and it is 'mostly' really good fun, until that is a hashtag comes along that makes you feel a little uneasy.

I'm talking about the one thats been doing the rounds lately #20beautifulwomen .. yeah .. that one. 



I think the idea behind it, is that you pick/tag 20 women who inspire you, women that you admire, women that you find beautiful, strong or otherwise and I'm guessing it was intended to make you and those around you feel good and beautiful and empowered?... women championing and supporting other women? a show of solidarity? 

How can that be when so many women are excluded, remember way back in the day (think secondary school PE skirts and sports knickers, no actually don't, those days are best forgotten!) when you never got picked for that netball team and you watched the tallest or prettiest or sportiest girls get picked first every time?... yeah ... that. all over again. 

And thats where my problem lies. 

I just don't get it... picking 20 women? Impossible. What about all the others that haven't been tagged? If you happen to end up being the little beaut sitting at home feeling like 'Billie no mates' tapping your screen over and over again, looking at the names popping up and hoping to get a mention and still its a no, how can that possibly make you feel good? It was a 'no' for me for a while too, so I 'get that feeling. Then suddenly like buses the 'tags' all came along together 'phew' yay ... finally I had been welcomed into the beautiful club! It was beginning to feel like I might be waiting at that bus stop for a very long time.

Ok, ok, so I totally get that hashtags are just a bit of fun and maybe I shouldn't be taking this whole thing so seriously and I can hear some of you shouting at the screen "don't get so hung up about it, its just a frickin hashtag" but on this occasion it didn't sit well with me. Social media is a very powerful tool that can make you feel wonderful if the likes are rolling in but can leave you feeling crushed if you ain't feelin' the love! 

I just don't feel comfortable with the idea of people (women) anybody feeling excluded or left out and those feelings turning into any kind of insecurities, it makes me want to reach out and protect those looking in from the outside wanting to be a part of it, I want to run and open the door and let them all in. lets face it, we all want to feel popular and we all want to be liked, its human nature and its natural to want to be told that we are beautiful too, however strong we may appear to be. 

So. I just want to shout out to every single woman on the planet or can I change that to every human being on the planet?... remember what I said about not leaving folk out! If you've been waiting to be told you are beautiful, the bus just stopped especially for you, hop on board baby! You don't need to sit around waiting for a hashtag anymore. 

big love

Allison x x x 




Embracing January... January 31 2015

January the gloomiest month of the year, or is it?...

I figured you can give into the grumpiness and wish it all away or you can spin that gloominess on it's head and embrace it all, just like you would any other month of the year and the differences that each one brings. 


Obviously It isn't always easy but if you start to appreciate what the month of January is designed for you will enjoy it so much more. Long dark cold days should encourage us to wrap up warm in lots of chunky layers, to run hot bubble baths after work and soak for awhile, to light the pretty candles all over the house, to indulge in hearty comfort food, all the soup and bread and to forget about the crazy diets 'BE KIND TO YOURSELF'

To drink spicy red wine, to cuddle on the sofa, to walk holding hands in the snow, to take advantage of going to bed early, to read some more books, to give into little naps, to go slow while you absolutely can, those busy months are coming and I promise if you rest up now and hibernate like a big brown bear you will feel raring to go in February... well that might be pushing it a little bit but certainly by March when the first flowers are blooming! YOU WILL FEEL FRESH AND BLOOMING LOVELY TOO! 

big love for now sweeties, take care 

Allison x x x 


snow, sleep and ginger bread houses... January 22 2015

A family holiday to Sweden...

I really can't think of a more dreamier way to have started the New Year than to be surrounded by snow, crisp blue skies, and silence. 

We stayed with lour lovely friends Sara, Karin, Julius and Ella in their beautiful home...

we woke when we were ready and padded about in comfy layers and cosy socks, I have never felt so relaxed, welcome and at ease.

This is Sara taking care of the chickens

and in return they gifted us fresh eggs for breakfast in the morning... which we ate with funny, I mean 'delicious" fish paste!

 When we got dressed we walked through the forests with the beautiful light...

And played in the snow and skated on ice (a huge frozen lake, eek!)

We looked up at the trees and breathed in all the fresh air...

And in the evening we collected wood for the stove and hung pretty candles in the tree ... so pretty, it made my heart sing!

We cooed at the yellow house next door... and fell in love with the gingerbread houses dotted in the snow

And then we met Karin's house ... oh my! too much cuteness!

There hasn't been a day gone by when I haven't missed this place, the snow, our lovely friends and the peace and calm of this beautiful country. I've missed my funny snow boots and the cracker bread for breakfast, I've missed the cold on my cheeks and the long silent days where you have headspace to gather your thoughts.

I've missed the slow pace of life and twinkly candles, I've missed the simplicity of every day living and breathtaking views, I've missed the elk meat tacos and cray fish and glogg and I've missed the early nights that happen regularly because the fresh air and quiet times make you ever so sleepy!

I've missed the space and the trees and the time for good conversation...and the time to say nothing at all and thats ok too, I've missed the authenticity of a lifestyle that gives you time to just be. 

I've really missed just doing nothing at all...

Sweden, Sara, Karin, Julius and Ella, until next time, thank you for one of my most favourite holidays ever, we have made some magical family memories to treasure forever. 

Allison x x x



Cornwall completes me... November 11 2014

If you follow me over on Instagram (where I spend more time than I probably should!) you will know that this year I've been fortunate enough to spend three whole weeks in my most favourite part of the world. 

I wanted to share some of that loveliness here. 


Two beautiful bright and sunny weeks in the Summer and one crisp and cosy week in the Autumn. Walking along stunning coastal paths, staring at the deep blue sea and spending precious time out with my lovely family. Just bliss.  


Enjoying the longest days on the beach, watching the sunrise above the ocean in the morning and staring in awe at the most amazing coloured sunsets in the evening, I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen anything so magical in all my life, not anything that warms my soul quite as much as this. Its almost impossible to capture with my camera phone, but I did my best... no filter! 

My beautiful beautiful kids... love them so and will hold these happy memories close to my heart to cherish forever and ever

We like to shop for treats at Roo's beach...

And drink cocktails made from rum and juice in the afternoon whilst watching the cows graze on top of the hill from our cute little apartment... when we leave our cute little apartment we head to St Ives to drink tea and eat chocolate cake at The Vintage store and coffee shop, we never leave without buying some goodies here too! 

We cook dinner on the beach and serve it up in enamel bowls bought from the old fashioned camping shop in Padstow

And we watch pretty boats bobbing in the harbour...

Sometimes we pull over by the roadside to buy coffee and cake from an old morris minor :)

And we dream of The People shop becoming neighbours with the Deli...

Especially when me and mr C are merry on mulled wine!

Cornwall I love you more than ever and can't wait to feel the cold wet sand beneath my feet again... thank you for your glorious blue days of sunshine, thank you for the fresh air that blows through my hair and feels lovely on my cheeks, thank you for the fish and chips and pasties, cream teas, ice creams and fudge, thank you for the peace and quiet and relaxing days to just be for as long as you want to ... for the moments to huddle on the beach, thank you for keeping me going until next time... thank you for filling my heart and soul up to the top... I miss you

until next time, I'll be dreaming of you.

love Allison x x x 





she designed a life she loved... July 31 2014

I'm not kidding, take a look at this

This was June...



And this was July...



At the end of every month I like to post a round up of all the pics I've shared over the past few weeks (double whammy this time, as I missed the moment with June, so I've sneaked it in here!) its a wonderful reminder of all the loveliness I'm grateful for and is a gorgeous visual diary of how beautiful life can be/is!

I smile every time I look at these pictures and think about the colourful life I've captured here. I seriously never stop counting my blessings every single day! 

None of this is fake styling, none of this has landed in my lap, none of this is borrowed from anyone else, I work my big fluffy hair off and make the most of everything we do (with Mr C's help of course) to make it all happen, to put the 'joy' into life, and this is the lovely result, this is the happiness that I have created for myself and my family to enjoy.

Its not about showing off, or comparing yourself to others, its about satisfying your 'own' dreams, and finding your own 'happy' and squeezing every last drop out of it. Your 'happy' should come from within, straight from your heart... anyone can do It!

You only get one go my friends, better make it beautiful!

big love

Allison x x x 




A happy month of May... June 03 2014

hey lovelies!

don't you think its pretty amazing how much life and living you can squeeze into just one month?... yeah heaps of happy stuff! 

I love doing my little monthly round up of Instagram pictures because its a gorgeous reminder of just how much loveliness has happened over the past few weeks and its a really good way of looking back at how much I have actually achieved, even if I think I didn't get all of those jobs done on my 'to do' list, it was probably because I was busy doing some 'other' lovely stuff instead! Never stopping but loving all of it! 



Meeting lovely new people, slowing down for an extra five minutes to enjoy a lazy breakfast or lunch, pottering about the house making things look pretty... crafting, making, tutorials, blogging, People shop life, family stuff, cute nails, talking at Blogtacular (blog post coming soon, promise!) new kicks, flowers, flowers and more flowers, time out for me and mr C, picnics in the park, painting furniture... shopping trips to Tiger, new arm candy and lots of time in my craft room working on exciting magazine projects!

May.. I loved you and June you are looking like a pretty hot mama too! hope you sweethearts have got lots of lovely things planned and remember to slow down for five to take it all in... 

big love

Allison x x x




April'icious... May 01 2014

My month of April looked like this...



Craft room makeovers, cakes, workshops, book launch parties, little trips to London... new arm candy, flowers, and more flowers, neon pom poms, sugary ring donuts, gifts from new friends, Easter eggs, daffodils... pink shoe bows and old skool Nikey, shopping at West Elm, blossom and blue skies, goodie bags and pink polka dot bread bins, rolls of pretty paper and oh me oh my... the mint green and pink neon chair makeover (quite possibly one of the highlights of my month, yes... I love it that much!) and tons and tons of love and colour! 

Really looking forward to a big and beautiful 'busy' May too! Especially all of the exciting stuff coming up very soon, speaking at Blogtacular, my first 'make it business' workshop and heaps of other loveliness which I'll be sharing with you very soon. 

big love for now sweet lovelies


a colourful adventure part 2... the Bright Bazaar book launch April 24 2014

So yesterday I spoiled you with the soppy stuff about my little adventure to London, now its time to read about the exciting stuff that made me hop on that train to London in the first place!

The Bright Bazaar book launch party! Wooo hooo, I'm getting all excited again just thinking about it, eeek!



I've been a big fan of Will and his work for quite sometime now so when I received an invite to the book launch party I was absolutely thrilled and excited and probably squealed a little bit and probably did a happy dance around the kitchen too (poor Mr C has seen me throwing quite a few shapes around the kitchen table lately!) But its not everyday a girl gets invited to London to celebrate the number one best selling interior book of the moment! [insert more squealing here!]



This is the main man himself signing my book! He was as sweet and as lovely as I knew he would be 'inside and out' and I guess it would be pretty impossible to write such a happy, colourful book without having a big happy colourful personality to match. He greeted me with a gorgeous big smile and a big big hug... (I may have been a teeny weeny bit star struck so Will, I hope I didn't squeeze you too tight!) ahh, so much loveliness! 



I had to wait a whole two weeks to get my hands on a copy of the book, as I wanted to buy it at the launch party to make sure I soaked up the whole magical experience, as well as buying a ton of other gorgeous goodies while I was there! I've wanted to visit West Elm for a very long time and I absolutely wasn't disappointed. So many lovely things in one gorgeous space. If you haven't been before and you like interior stores full to the brim of beautiful products and home wares then you will love West Elm, it was the perfect venue for this party. 



Ok. So back to this amazing book! 

Why is this one so special? New Interior books are launched all the time at the moment, but there seems to be a much bigger buzz surrounding this one.

Well first take a sneaky peek at some of the pages...



Yum. Yum. Yum. And more yum. 



Every single beautiful stylish page is packed full of colour and ideas (obviously!) and colour instantly makes you feel good and happy and lovely and fills you right up to the top with smiles! And this gorgeous book is written in such a warm and friendly way its really easy to fall head over heels in love with it and to connect with Mr Bright Bazaar himself, the super lovely Will Taylor. 



I couldn't live without colour in my life and my home and pretty shades of yellow and pink and mint green and blue and orange and neons all feature very heavily in my work too (there really aren't many colours I don't love, ok, I don't do brown!) so I know this wonderful book will continue to inspire me for a very very long time. In fact I must confess something here, I've had the book for just over a week now and I haven't finished it yet, its just far too good and far too exciting to read it all in one sitting. I have to look at it a few pages at a time to savour every moment and to enjoy it all properly! 

Embracing colour for 'Make you smile style' delivers just that, its full of heart and soul and magic and gorgeousness and stylish homes.... all of my favourite things! 

I want to say a huge big thank you to Will and West Elm London for giving me such a colourful adventure, I truly loved every minute and I met so many amazing people who I'm sure will become great friends too.

And if you haven't bought the book already do it now, it will brighten your day! 

Big love 

Allison x x x



a colourful adventure... Part 1 April 23 2014

You know how much I adore colour right? just take a look at this... I love colour a lot!



Well on Wednesday of last week I went on a very colourful adventure to a very 'colourful' book launch party in London, I'll be telling you more about this very soon, but first a little bit of background stuff leading up to my trip. 

Right up there at the top of my 'to do list' was a pretty new dress (a girls gotta get her priorities right and a girl like me, needs no excuses for a new frock!) and when your hubby the talented Mr Christian is a 'pretty dress designer' you absolutely know you are in capable hands!



After years of making me dresses, he has obviously got to grips with my shape (cheeky cheeky!) and knows exactly what will suit me, so I take care of the fabric shopping bit and Mr C takes care of the 'making me a new best dress bit! 



I wanted something light and lovely and easy to wear in the sunshine with my jeans and trainers, Mr C did the perfect job don't you think? I love it heaps and heaps.

And blimey, who knew my fave pink frilly socks and shoe bows would look so good with my old skool Nikey?! A really cute way of prettying up your trainers for a party night out ladies (thanks lil miss for the top tip!)



So, what else did I need to organise? Oh yeah... business cards (I've been a 'business woman for over 20 years) and you can guarantee every time I'm going to an event I realise I have 'still' never had any 'proper' ones printed! not that you even need them much these days but I like to exchange something nice with new friends, so I did this instead.. 

I made some, and popped them inside a sweet little stripy goody bag with a few treats hidden inside. All sorted. 



Ok. so handmade business cards taken care of, I was almost ready to go except for the small matter that was making my heart ache. I was going on my little adventure alone. No Mr C to hold my hand, uh uh. Just little old me, all on my todd. Now this may sound totally crazy to you but for me it was such a huge big deal I almost didn't go at all. 

Me and Mr C have been together since we were 17, yep just kids falling in love! Fast forward 25 years later and we have never had a day apart (well if I'm totally honest here, we've had 5 days apart in total, including the night before our wedding!) we work together 24/7, we go out to dinner together, go shopping together, do the laundry together, in fact we do EVERYTHING together... we really are never ever apart. You get the picture right, and see why it was such a big deal. 

Believe me, I'm no shrinking violet, I've done heaps of big stuff on my own, but always with Mr C waiting for me around the corner. Without him close by I feel almost incomplete.

This time I was going to board a train, head to London, I was going to be staying overnight, leaving my gorgeous man behind. I know, I know, its only 2 hours away, but this didn't stop the tears from falling and my heart from aching. I may as well have been going a million miles away! The strangeness felt the same.

But this was an event that I'd been looking forward to for weeks and I was also meeting up with some lovely friends and bloggers, old and new for a scrummy dinner! And after all, its not every day a girl gets invited to one of the biggest book launch parties of the year, so I was determined to make it happen and to have lots of fun. Work, the shop, Mr C and the kids would all be waiting for me when I got back. 



See those sweet neon pom poms on my bag?... who do you think made those?.. Yup, not only did my little angel face make me a new frock he also made these cute little pom poms and attached them to my bag so that if I was feeling nervous and missing him too much I could give them a little squeeze and that would keep me smiling. His little plan worked a treat :) I know it sounds soppy but it's just too cute not to share! 

Right. So where were we... I got the train to London (I haven't been on a train for a million years) I got on the tube.. twice (I do light and bright, not dark and dank) my friend Emily made me do that bit! I also got on a bus (that hasn't happened in over 15 years, I really 'really' don't do public transport) I like to drive to London in the comfort of my own car that smells all lovely and clean, with Mr C by my side eating a bag of Haribo's. Thats just how I've always done things.




And I am so glad I did, I had an AMAZING time and met some AMAZING people.

I loved the excitement of planning my trip to London even if it did feel a little unfamiliar in places. Its so good to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes and to push yourself just a little to do some of the things you know you will enjoy if you just let yourself do them. And the missing hubby and the kids bit, well, it was totally worth it too because we had the best cuddles and bacon sandwiches when I got home! 

I've got lots more exciting trips planned to London and I'm sure it will feel a whole lot easier leaving my happy bubble in Birmingham behind each time I do it. 

Part 2 of my colourful adventure coming soon, so pop back to read all about the Bright Bazaar book launch party at West Elm London, it was AWESOME

big love for now

Allison x x x 




happy prints... by Helen Dardik April 21 2014

I'm hanging these gorgeous Helen Dardik prints on my workroom wall so that I can look at them everyday and live by the wonderful words. If you need them in your life too, go buy issue 4 of flow magazine

Feel connected

Stay wild

Live mindfully

Stay free

Stay happy

Nuff said :) xx 

Allison x x x 





March looked a lot like this... April 01 2014

Very colourful :) 
And very happy! 
If this lovely little lot inspires you and makes your heart sing then you will love my new workshop... its full of 'everything' GORGEOUS! Eeeek, more details coming very very soon. 
big love for now sweeties
Allison x x x 

happy mothers day... March 30 2014

Happy Mother's Day lovelies, may your day be filled with love and sunshine, happiness and laughter, cuddles and cake! And maybe some cocktails too ;)



If you've got little ones squeeze them tight... they grow up so quickly, if your mommy isn't with you, heres an extra big hug from me.. and if you can't visit your granny, ring her up for a little chat, it will brighten her day hearing your lovely voice.

If you're waiting for your little bundle of loveliness to come along... one day it will happen lovelies, when the time is just right and everything will be just perfect! And if none of that little lot applies to you, then heres a big squishy hug anyway!

Today I'm wearing my favourite new flowery Summer frock made by my gorgeous hubby Mr C... and my home is filled with beautiful Saturday flowers, also from my lovely Mr C. This guy rocks my world, is the most amazing father to our two gorgeous children and makes me the happy mother that I am today... and every day.

Big love to all the lovely ladies

Allison x x x  





You look lovely today... March 08 2014

International women's day 8th March 2014



You look lovely today. Your hair is super soft and shiny. Your eyes are bright and sparkly. Your cute little ass is just the perfect size. And your boobies most definitely do not look droopy. You have the sweetest smile. And your laugh is infectious. You even have the cutest ears. You look great in your favourite frock. And no you don't have too many wrinkles. You've got heaps of stuff to wear. And the washing up can wait. You are a brilliant mom. And a super amazing wife. Your best friend couldn't live without you. And you light up a party when you walk into a room. You make the best toast. Your confidence is catching. And you still look pretty even when you have the occasional mood. You can have it all. Your partner really doesn't mind if you talk too much. And your multi tasking deserves a medal. You are beautiful and an inspiration to us all. 

Happy International women's day to all the lovely ladies in the house.

Big love and respect from me x x x 

Selina Lake came to visit... eeek! February 06 2014

See these gorgeous books?... well they just happen to be three of my most favourite home interior books ever! by my favourite stylist the gorgeous and super lovely Selina Lake

Selina is a freelance lifestyle and interior stylist who lives in London and works for countless magazines as well as being the author of four top selling books. I totally adore her work.



Yep, Bazaar style, Homespun style and Pretty Pastel style, capture everything I LOVE about interiors and home styling beautifully... perfect pages of happy home ideas, homespun handmade loveliness and exciting colours pop from every single gorgeous page, mix this up with a collection of vintage furniture, modern pieces, craft and customisation and you have three of the most exciting, inspiring interior books ever.

If you haven't got them already then put them straight at the top of your wish list, I promise you won't be disappointed and I'm sure you will love reading them again and again just as much as I do! You've probably already noticed theres one book missing ... Romantic style, but I do have a birthday coming up next week and i'm hoping a certain Mr C has taken the hint and will be completing the collection for me!




And look, this is me and Selina! Yes lovelies, Selina came to visit The People shop at the weekend... wooo hooo, how totally amazing is that?! I was pretty blown away, we've been talking about meeting up for quite sometime and on Saturday it finally happened HOOORAYYY! 

We talked about everything gorgeous and obviously our love of pretty things and homes and how much we loved colour and couldn't live without it... we talked about crafting and workshops and all sorts of lovely things, it was ACE! 

And the best bit was Selina absolutely loved our little shop 'heaps and heaps and heaps' I'm so chuffed and happy I've been floating on cloud 9 ever since! Its not every day a girl meets her favourite stylist! In fact we were both so excited about our love of all things gorgeous, I think we maybe meeting up again sometime soon.... Eeeek, exciting, watch this space folks!

Until then, you can look forward to Selina's new book 'Outdoor Styling' coming out in March...which as the name suggests is full of lovely sweet Spring/Summer styling tips and ideas, I cannot wait for this one, roll on sunshine!

Thanks so so much Selina for coming to visit, loving what we do and for sharing The People shop love :) xx

Big love, see you again soon

Allison x x x

Sunday looked a lot like this... February 02 2014

A slow lazy start snuggled under the duvet, buttermilk pancakes for brunch, freshly made by Mr C and served up with maple syrup and crispy bacon, pots of coffee and reading the papers... pottering in the craft room and making pretty cushions for my bed, enjoying the sunshine at the kitchen table and smiling at the beautiful flowers dotted all around the house... yep, you guessed it, Mr C again! (I know this guy spoils me rotten!).

Lil miss baking delicious carrot cupcakes and the happy sounds of Mr Pharrell Williams playing on the radio... just about the perfect Sunday!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend too
big love
Allison x x

Flow... a book for paper lovers January 21 2014

This landed on my doorstep this morning and literally took my breath away... It is so utterly gorgeous I just couldn't wait to share it with you!


Flow magazine special edition book for paper lovers is quite possibly the sweetest most beautiful inspirational parcel of happiness I have ever had the pleasure of opening. Seriously, I unwrapped it, squealed, and gave it a great big hug! 

This ain't no ordinary notebook, its a heavyweight chunky and delicious 'proper' book full of different types of paper and pages... It is a paper lovers dream come true.


Everything from the sunshiny pretty floral cover to each and every single one of the 300 delightful pages (yes.. 300!) inside is jam packed with papery goodness. An absolute feast for the eyes

Stationary and paper lovers 'everywhere' I promise you this really is the best thing ever, stop what you're doing and go and order it now!


Inside you will find the cutest stickers, posters, gift tags, postcards, pop up pages... sheets of wrapping paper, little mini envelopes, colouring pages and heaps more gorgeousness I've yet to discover when I leaf through the 300 pages again and again ... and again.


Goodness me theres even the loveliest pull out paper bunting tucked inside. Swoon! My heart skipped a beat. Could a book brighten up your day any more? I don't think so

I adore Flow magazine and when I saw this advertised in the last issue I knew I had to have it, an extra little treat that is positively bursting with ideas and inspiration, fun projects and beautiful artwork. What's not to love? 

There is the temptation to sit back looking at this amazing book all day long (stroking the pages!) but I'm going to do exactly what it says on the cover and 'tear into it' 

Got one in your shopping basket yet? do it do it and don't miss out!

Big love for now folks

Allison x x x 

Sunday crafternoon... November 03 2013

I've been shopping for supplies.

Polystyrene balls and hoops... neon wool, pretty floral paper, a pile of felt ... a new box of stamps, a big tub of coloured inks, polka dot card, 1 cutting mat... fluorescent pink spray paint.. a pack of sharpies, some lovely fabric printed with cotton reels and a canvas shopper!



Phew its gonna be a busy Sunday, a busy Sunday totally dedicated to crafting. Hooorah!

Ive got a head full of ideas and makes and gorgeous things I want to craft for the shop, for Christmas and for my home. I'm also testing out a few lovely ideas for coming workshops too. 

I can hear Mr C's knitting needles click clacking away from the front room, lil miss is making a sort of cute stuffed rabbit thing and mr milo (my older boy!) is revising for his GCSE's, poor love... (I'm not a huge fan of exams!) and there's a big old tasty Sunday roast sizzling away in the oven for later! 

Right, now I'm off to have some fun with a can of pink spray paint! Pop back soon sweeties to see what i've been up to.

Wishing you a happy Sunday folks, hope you're doing something lovely too.

Allison x x x 



Lets go to Oxford... October 30 2013

I love my work and as you probably already know I give it pretty much everything I've got 24/7... day in day out. Except for the school holidays.

The school holidays is family time and we have always slowed things right down so that me & mr C can enjoy time out with our kids.

If we're not going away we spend a few lazy mornings in our pj's eating toast and then we break it up a bit with a few days out and about exploring.

Yesterday we went to Oxford.



Oxford for us as a family has got everything we love and better still you can squeeze it all into a day.

We start with a nice stroll along the river... then we have a little mooch around the museums, Pitt Rivers is our absolute fave.

There's heaps and heaps of choice for something nice to eat... we discovered Bills yesterday 'oh boy' we totally fell in love with this place, the food, the decor, the tempting goodies to buy on your way out... just absolute foodie heaven! Perfect in every way.

Then there's always a spot of shopping, we luuuurve shopping!

And as owners of an independent store ourselves we like to avoid the high streets, and the mainstream and head down the side streets looking for cute and quirky treasures.



This is what we bought. Some fairy lights, 2 rag dolls, cherry jam... an enamel tea pot, 3 second hand books, honeycomb fudge, a lemon squeezer, some pink twine, chocolate buttons and some mandarin flavour fizzy soda!

If we find something independent, different and not massed produced we like it a lot.

In fact that's an understatement. We HEART indies! and when we find good ones we like to shout it from the rooftops! Yes Bills... we are talking about you!  

What are up to this half term folks?... I would love to add your suggestions to my list of *lets go to....

Anyway, off on another little family adventure today, lets catch up again soon :)

Allison x x x

So long sweet Summer of sunshine... September 15 2013

Wow. What a totally gorgeous Summer it's been! Always knew 2013 was gonna be unforgettable.

Endless days of sunshine, blue skies and fluffy clouds... down time, family time, me time, picnic time, time for taking it easy!

So many amazing things have happened I wanted to share just a few of my favourites here.








I danced the night away to Chic in the park with my kids. I went on holiday to Cornwall, drank mojitos at Watergate bay, ate fish n' chips at Padstow and paddled in the sea til the sun went down... I had a styling shoot in my home for my favourite magazine *eeeeek* this was like the most exciting thing ever!

I went behind the scenes of a very special marquee that may have involved lots of sugar and flour (more about this later #topsecret) I made myself the prettiest Summer dress ever that I just CANNOT stop wearing (a winter version is coming right up!)

I've been busy stitching up the new handmade collection and I made some exciting big plans for The People shop which I'll be telling you all about very very soon.

I'm really looking forward to the season ahead, the cosiness of Autumn, wrapping up warm, layers and lush fabrics, new plans... new ideas and plenty of snuggling up on the sofa!

big hello homey love for now folks
Allison x x x


Mr Christian rocks my world... March 24 2013

And is a ruddy good knitter too!  Remember that big ball of wool bought him from the Hobby Craft fair the other day? Well he absolutely blooming loved it and has knitted it into a big snugly tartan snoodie thing!

How cool is that?...

Gotta tell ya folks I think my guy is pretty amazing. He is one of the most creative super talented, loveliest peeps in the whole wide world and he's all mine!!! (well you get to share him a teeny tiny lickle bit of course if you get him to make you a pretty new dress!)

mr c post.jpg
Ahhh man I love my Mr C...

This gorgeous fella totally rocks my world with his big heart, his doodles... his knitting, his moomins, his dresses, his singing and his crafting and creating of so so many beautiful things every single day. I'm a very lucky girly indeed and count my blessings to the moon and stars and back again.

He's also pretty good at being humble which makes him even more of a cutester superstar, so I get the lovely job of doing all the showing off for him ... ha ha no problem for me... easy peasy lemon squeezy baby!

I think you've got the message right?... I'm gonna be talking about him heaps and heaps over here at hello homey headquarters.

Now to go give him an extra big cuddle ... maybe in return for a snugly knitted snoodie thing. Fair deal don't ya think?

Keep it cosy lovelies
Allison ... hello homey x x x

p.s ... I may find him hiding behind the sofa when he finds out I've been a very naughty girl and written a whole blog post about him! Just sharing a little Sunday love.

p.p.s hello homey would have a great big gaping hole in the middle of it without him!


a crafty little shopping trip... March 22 2013

Yesterday I spent the afternoon having a mooch around the Hobby Craft 'sewing for pleasure' fair at the NEC.

There's a lot of stuff to see... some of it very samey and some of it very old skool.

If you’re into your crafty makes and you fancy stocking up on some supplies then this is the place to be.

Like many of these things, you need to sieve your way through the balls of wall and decoupage and find those little gems that are tucked away between the masses of 'seen it all before' stuff that's piled pretty high.

I came away with a nice bag of goodies that ticked my crafty box ... spotty ribbon, stripy string, rolls and rolls of washi tape... a wooden 'smile' and the most amazing big big chunky balls of wall for my gorgeous hubby Mr C!

If I've tempted you to  pay the show a visit it's on until Sunday the 24th March.

So don't be put off by the snow, wrap up warm, don your Wellington boots... take a friend (thanks byebyebirdie for coming along!) stop half way through for lunch to break things up a bit and boom Bob's your uncle - you've bagged yourself the perfect girly afternoon!

Let me know what crafty goods you take home.

happy crafting
Allison ... hello homey x x x

hello my sweet lovelies! February 28 2013

This really is my first ever proper blog post .... yippppppeeeee!

And I cannot tell you just how very very ... very happy I am to be here.  My tummy is full to the brim of butterflies and I'm a teeny tiny bit nervous but I am here... here and ridiculously excited!   This is something that I've been wanting to make happen 'like' forever!

Hello Homey feels like a beautiful dream that I've been waiting to tell you all about for a long, long time.  This is going to be my special place for sharing everything that is 'me' with you!

Home styling, making, crafting, sewing, stitching, cooking, shopping, thrifting, loving, teaching, giving and just about everything in-between that brings me joy. 

EVERYTHING about hello homey is from the heart and soul.  Here on these pages you'll find the things that I do and create everyday.  The things that make me happy.. the stuff that makes my heart sing.

So come on in... share the love, give me a BIG hug and let's be friends



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