I made it my own with Annie Sloan... August 14 2015

Hey lovelies, SO good to see you!

It's been a while since I found a bit of time to post anything on my blog... so it feels lovely to be back again after a long break, I've got so much to share with you! 

If you follow me over on Instagram, you will know that the last couple of months have been crazy busy for me, it's been a whirlwind of exciting projects, speaker events, magazine features, trips to London, awards and a two week holiday to Cornwall! but more on all of that loveliness later, for now, here's one of my favourite projects of the Summer... 



I was so excited when I got the call and found out that team Annie Sloan wanted to work with me, you all know how much I love painting up old furniture and I'd never used the chalk paints before or featured in a video, so I was thrilled to bits for this amazing opportunity ... and boy did we have lots of fun!

Press the play button sweet lovelies to check out my luuuurvely Brummie accent and see what we got up to... tee hee, we really did have the happiest day, all served up with lots of tea and homemade cake! 




What did you think?... I hope you liked it my friends and are feeling inspired to have a go too? I would love to see your wonderful creations, you can join in by using the #madeitmyown hashtag. 

I must confess, It's a little bit funny seeing yourself in video for the first time and I was a teeny weeny bit nervous before the cameras arrived, but team Annie Sloan were just so gorgeous and friendly, they made me feel super relaxed in no time and I think we made a super team, don't you?

In fact, now I've done it once (and conquered my filming fears) I can't wait to do it all over again, so keep an eye on my blog for some more crafty video action coming soon... 



This is me and my finished chair, in delicious shades of pink and grey... I really couldn't love it more and it fits in perfectly with the pretty pastel colours in my home, shall I let you into a little secret?... this delightful shade of pink is called Antoinette, which just so happens to be my middle name, I know ... how sweet is that! some things are just meant to be! 

The lovely Annie Sloan also spoilt me with some other paint colours, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into those over the next few weeks, you can look forward to seeing what I get up to with a tin of English Yellow, I just need to hit the second hand stores to find me the right piece of furniture... 

until then, happy painting everyone! 

Allison x x x 



Easter Spring posy... March 31 2015

Hello lovelies!

The sunshine is still teasing us at the moment but luckily we have an abundance of Spring flowers readily available to us, to brighten up our homes. 

And with Easter just around the corner, its the perfect time to decorate and have some fun with your floral displays... open your crockery cupboards and raid your vintage china, anything that can hold water will make arranging your flowers more interesting, I mean why just pop them in a vase when you can be a little more creative and arrange them in vintage teacups instead?... so much nicer! 

I took my regular Tuesday morning trip to the flower market today and came back with these...

Pretty pink tulips, ranunculus, delicate wax flower, some eucalyptus to add some greenery and must have Spring time yellow daffodils! I like to mix them all up to make a really cute posy. 

And then I spent a lovely afternoon filling 'teacups' and little jugs with all the pretty blooms and dotting the displays all around my home. Instant sunshine in every room! 

Even if it is grey, wet and windy outside! 

Sometimes you have to just create your own sunshine ... in a teacup! 

big love for now lovelies

Allison x 



my living room makeover... March 14 2015

hello loves!

Just wanted to share a few pics of my lovely living room as it was. Yes... I'm about to change ALL the things. 

Eek. Eek. Eek. 

I'm nervous because I've loved this space for a very long time and enjoyed creating and styling every inch of its colourful floral vintagey loveliness and I'm super excited because the stylist in me gets a huge buzz about changing ALL the things. 

In some ways this space is harder to change because over the past two or three years it has become an almost iconic room in my home. I've shared countless beautiful pics of it over on Instagram (and it always gets a million likes!) well not quite, but my followers love this room ALOT, it has popped up all over Pinterest, been featured on several design and interior blogs and even graced the cover of Mollie Makes Home magazine with a ten page feature inside. See, I told you it was pretty special! Please do excuse this rather tired looking photo, its an oldie, I haven't taken any pics of this space for awhile, I guess because I'm feeling tired off it too.

Take a look at it here instead, in all its lovely glory shot by a professional interiors photographer. 


I've loved this space forever but its definitely time to move on and to embrace all the changes I'm feeling inside. A new colour palette, a different vibe, a change of mood and the best bit, gathering all the lovely new things to make it feel gorgeous all over again, ahhh I'm so ready! 

I can't help but feel a teeny weeny tiny bit sad though as I take each floral picture down and remember the magic of finding each one like a piece of treasure at a car boot sale or charity shop, then the excitement of racing home to add it to my collection, I'm hoping to have these moments of joy all over again re-styling this space.

Heres a sneaky peak of whats to come ...

Brown things I hear you gasp' ha ha, don't worry my friends, I still love all the colourful things too but this just feels so right. I've been drifting this way for a while and I've already created this look in the other part of my lounge (remember, the vinyl and G&T zone?) now its time to let the changes happen, to flow completely through the rest of the house.

I'll be back soon sharing some more photos of the makeover as it takes shape, hopefully over the next few days. 

big love for now lovelies

Allison x x x 



Saturday flowers from Mr C... May 24 2014

There really is nothing nicer than waking up on a grey, miserable rainy Saturday morning to the most beautiful selection of fresh flowers from my gorgeous husband Mr C and knowing that I have the whole day ahead of me to enjoy them.



Peonies, roses, tulips, freesias, carnations, stocks, lisianthus, ranunculus and wax flowers, all filling up my home, making it look so pretty and feel so Summery even if it is the gloomiest day outside! I could literally sit on the sofa looking at this gorgeous display of flowery loveliness all day long!  



In fact if I'm honest, I have absolutely no plans of going anywhere. Today will mostly be spent relaxing on the sofa, all comfy in my slouchy pj's, pottering about with the kiddies and making the most of the fact that the wet weather is just the perfect excuse I need to cosy up and give in to a warm and homely day!

I think we should all do this a little more often don't you?... surely rainy day weather equals time for a cosy lock in! 



A cosy lock in and a very lazy lunch...



A very lazy lunch and some more beautiful Saturday flowers from my gorgeous Mr C! 



These were last weeks lovelies, just way too pretty not to share here

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone, hope the sun shines again soon! and if it doesn't, stay in your pyjamas and lock the front door, it'll do you the world of good :)

big love

Allison x x x 





Saturday flowers from Mr C... May 03 2014

Todays beautiful flowers from Mr C have literally had me pottering about all day!



So much prettiness and such a colourful selection, I mean would you take a look at these... the teeny tiniest prettiest pink flowers ever! They are called 'bouvardias' if you want to try and get some, I think you should, I'm sure you'll love them just as much as me.



lovely displayed on there own, or like this...



grouped together with pink peonies, tulips, stocks, carnations and pure white freesias that smell so wonderfully gorgeous and delicious, just perfect for filling your home with the sweet scent of Summer. 



Can you see why I had such a lovely lovely Saturday? After a jam packed week full of work stuff and pre Blogtacular nerves and excitement, taking it easy, opening up the windows to let the sunshine in and styling my home with beautiful flowers is just about the nicest way to start a long bank holiday weekend. 



Blue skies, sunshine and the happiest flowers equals a very happy me! and a very happy start to the month of May too, its all set to be another exciting one and you can read all about it right here! See ya soon lovelies :) 

big love  

Allison x x x 



Saturday flowers from Mr C... April 19 2014

Pretty cream roses looking simply scrumptious in a recycled brown paper bag... don't worry theres a jam jar of water hiding inside to keep them fresh! 

Any ideas where I've been shopping?...



Thanks to my lovely hubby for the beautiful selection of flowers and for always brightening up my Saturday mornings with so much prettiness! 




Happy Easter bank holiday weekend everyone, hope its full of chocolate and plenty of hot cross buns!

big love

Allison x x x 


Saturday flowers from Mr C... April 05 2014

Every Saturday morning my gorgeous hubby brings me flowers, and we're not just talkin' any old bunch of flowers here, we're talkin three or four... or even five bunches of the most beautiful happy blooms he can find!

My favourite roses, tulips, hyacinths... anemones, daffodils, ranunculus...  (well all flowers are my favourite really, with pink roses sitting right up there at the top of the list!) and then I have the lovely lovely job of displaying them beautifully all over the house! This morning he bought me some delicious smelling Thyme too :) 



I love my Saturday morning ritual so much, it's one of my most favourite times of the whole week, I gather lots of different pots and jugs and teacups and vintage plates and bowls because I think flowers look prettiest styled up using something a little bit different than just a bog standard glass vase. And after all, I couldn't think of a nicer way to while away an hour of my morning than pottering about grouping gorgeous things together. Its my absolute favourite thing to do! 



Sometimes the lovely Mr C brings me fresh bread and donuts too... then I know I must've been a very good girl! 

Every Saturday I like to share my lovely flowers with you guys through my IG and twitter photos but I thought it would be even better to share them here too as a regular weekly post. They are just far too beautiful not to, and then I can look back over them and remember what a very lucky lucky girly I am. Thank you Mr Christian for being so totally wonderful and for making my Saturdays the sweetest, most colourful, beautiful day of the week! 



Big flowery love

Allison x x x x x

Tuesday tulips from Mr C February 04 2014

Just too beautiful not to share here... 

Sunday looked a lot like this... February 02 2014

A slow lazy start snuggled under the duvet, buttermilk pancakes for brunch, freshly made by Mr C and served up with maple syrup and crispy bacon, pots of coffee and reading the papers... pottering in the craft room and making pretty cushions for my bed, enjoying the sunshine at the kitchen table and smiling at the beautiful flowers dotted all around the house... yep, you guessed it, Mr C again! (I know this guy spoils me rotten!).

Lil miss baking delicious carrot cupcakes and the happy sounds of Mr Pharrell Williams playing on the radio... just about the perfect Sunday!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend too
big love
Allison x x

make me a pretty room... November 22 2013

A very lovely customer came into the shop this morning and asked me to "make her a pretty room" just like this one!




This is my front room and one of my favourite spaces in my home.

The sofa is piled high with an eclectic mix of *pretty* cushions and there's *pretty* vintage pictures hanging on the walls... there's lots of *pretty* flowers in vases and there's some *pretty* cool chevron bits and bobs too, just because I love mixing the old with the new.

So yes, I think she may have come to the right place!

I'm really looking forward to working on this project, home styling is one of my absolute favourite parts of my work... I love it, love it, love it! And as I can't possibly squeeze in any more lovely cushions on my sofa, I'm more than happy to pretty up somebody else's!

Starting with a beautiful collection of handmade cushions, yay! Floral, vintage, Liberty print and chevron, this lovely customer has given me the freedom to work in whatever fabrics and prints I choose... I cannot wait to get started. 

I'll be back soon with more pics when I've been fabric shopping..

big love for now folks

Allison x x x

I heart yellow... November 14 2013

I LOVE LOVE LOVE colour and yellow is one of my absolute favourites, the other being pink. Yellow and pink, pink and yellow, any hue, any shade, pastel, bright, neon or otherwise I adore these colours.

Going through my photos first thing this morning (as you do when you wake really really early and everyone else is sleeping) almost every other picture is filled with this happy colour.




I like to make things in yellow... bags, cushions, pom poms and hats. I've covered vintage lampshades in yellow ... and painted cabinets and cupboards in yellow and even cute little tables in my home in yellow.

Yellow brings a little bit of sunshine into my world and makes me smile every day!

Yellow I heart you and dedicate this cute little blog post to you just because you're beautiful :) and these pictures look soooo good together it would be cruel not to share!


Big love and happy sunshiny Thursday folks

Allison x x x  




Mr C brings me flowers... November 02 2013

Every single Saturday morning Mr C brings me flowers.

Even If he's working at the shop, he still brings me flowers!

Before anybody else wakes, he's up and out either visiting the local farmers market, or he's off to the cake shop for donuts and fresh bread. He stops and picks up the Saturday papers (even though we barely get a chance to read them!) and then he makes his regular weekly trip to the flower man.





Sometimes he visits the flower man in the week too! So right now my kitchen table looks a little like this! Happy, colourful and very flowery, just how i like it!

He's a total superstar that Mr C ... apart from making the best dresses ever, he's a true romantic, a big softy, a total sweetheart.. and he certainly knows how to brighten a girls Saturday morning every week!


love ya long time Mr C 

Allison x x x x x


stylin' all the things... October 31 2013

I'm having one of those days where I need to make everything look pretty ... I need to style all of the things and make a very grey day look gorgeous! 




While the world has gone crazy for Halloween I'm over here in my pretty bubble hanging a vintage floral picture on the wall (my latest thrifty find) I'm busy playing around with silk flowers and a cute little bird cage... and I may have just opened a tin of my favourite Habitat mustard coloured paint... not a pumpkin in sight! 


Happy Halloween folks :)

Allison x 



Mollie Makes home... October 23 2013

Way back in the Summer (remember that?.. endless blue skies and fluffy clouds) one of the most exciting emails 'ever' landed in my inbox.

It was from the rather gorgeous Caroline who runs the most lovely lifestyle blog Patchwork Harmony... It went a little something like this "I was wondering if you and your lovely hubby would like to be featured in Mollie Makes home magazine.. in an article about creative couples and their homes"




WHAAAAAAT?...me & mr C?!.. Er, like totally absolutely yes... to the moon and stars and back again we would luuuurrve to!

You probably know this already but I'm gonna tell you again anyway.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mollie Makes, it's like my very favourite and best magazine in the whole wide world.

I look forward to cosying up with it every month and keep saying I'm gonna subscribe but there's something so old skool I like about strolling down the road to collect it from 'Smiths and having a nice chat with 'Elaine' while I'm there. Or better still, Mr C collects it for me and brings me cake too!

So yeah, the exciting opportunity of being featured was literally a dream come true. I'm surprised you didn't hear me tearing round the kitchen screaming, singing, dancing and crying happy tears too!
"we are going to be in Mollie Makes... we are going to be in Mollie Makes (sing this to the tune of daft punks 'Get lucky' and you can kinda pretty much picture the scene!)

Styling my home is just the best and if you know me even just a little bit you will know that I have a habit of making things look gorgeous all of the time.



So an excuse to spend a whole week prettying up every corner of every room in my home til my heart's content was just bliss. Of course it looks gorgeous all of the time (there's never any washing up in the sink, promise) but this time was special, I had a photographer coming to town! Shan't tell you quite how much I spent on flowers that week!

Anyway. every cushion in the house was plumped to perfection, every flower picture on the wall was straightened and looking just so... My home was ready for it's big day.

And it was brilliant. Best day ever. Seeing our home full of the things we love, all of our treasures, handmade goodies, vintage furniture we've lovingly painted... old lampshades we've re-covered all photographed so beautifully is something I will never forget. (go buy a copy of the magazine to check out photographer Michael Sinclair's amazing work) these are just a few of my pics!




I take my styling and my work pretty seriously and the Mollie Makes home magazine is something me & mr C will treasure forever. In fact It has to be one of the highlights of our career and we've been making things look pretty for a very long time... nice to show it off in the best magazine in the world though 'eh? Specially when you just happen to be on the front cover too!

Still cuddling it now, every night before I go to bed :)

Thank you Caroline and Mollie Makes for such an amazing opportunity we heart you ... lots. and lots.

Allison and Mr C x x x

Happy Easter love folks... March 31 2013

Mine is full to the brim of chocolate and daffodils and pretty coloured tulips.  Theres a blue sky... and the sun is most definitely shining inside and out.

And I've just had the best couple of hours styling the table with pretty pastels, pinks, yellows and blues... I've used my favourite vintage china and floral cutlery ... even the stripy straws and moomin napkins are out! 

It’s a table full of love and happiness sure to make the family smile when they turn up for Sunday lunch in about... oooh .. half hour.

Better get my skates on.  I've got a lemon cream pie waiting to be made for dessert!

Ahh... almost forgot , lots of you lovely peeps are showing a lot of love for my pink chairs .. blog post about them coming up soon.

Hope the Easter bunny has bought you some lovely treats too. Enjoy your day my sweet lovelies


Allison ... hello homey x x x


vintage cushion love... March 27 2013

You've probably noticed that I have a very big soft spot for flowers... especially of the 'vintage' variety.  I've got a huge collection of flowery pictures covering my walls in the lounge, in the bedroom and even in the downstairs loo! And over the years I've also built up quite a nice supply of vintage fabric too.

Sometimes I find it really hard to cut into these pieces, but on Monday, the sun was shining and the sofa needed a bit of a Springtime makeover.  So it was just the perfect time to use this Sanderson vintage linen.

vintage cushion post.jpg
Whenever I want to add some colour or a pattern to brighten up a room I usually end up making cushions, it works every time.

It's just a really quick and easy way to change the look without having to do anything too drastic.

So that's what I've done, a couple of hours at the sewing machine and I'm one step closer to bringing the sunshine indoors... and I've gotta say folks, I LOVE my new cushion, the fabric certainly looks a whole lot nicer than it did sitting on my workroom shelf!

sofa cushions.jpg

I'd love to show you how quick and easy it is to make some cushions of your own.. If you fancy having a go why not join me at the handmade home workshop coming up in the Summer time at Mac Birmingham.

Be back soon my lovelies with some more 'bring the sunshine indoors/declutter in time for Spring' projects I've been working on.

Allison ... hello homey x x x

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