Makers 4 Refugees... March 22 2017

Hiya folks!

Back in 2017 we were invited by one of our lovely Instagram friends to join in a new project called Makers 4 refugees - you can read more about it here... 

Pip the creative mind behind the idea is bringing together many talented designer makers from around the world to sell their work to help raise money for those in desperate need. 



In just five evenings, auctioning and selling a small selection of our exclusive designs we managed to raise a whopping £1055!!! I know' how amazing is that?!... we had hoped we might raise a couple of hundred pounds' so we were pretty pleased to have 'trebled' our expectation! :)



It was an intense week of stitching and making by Mr C and some amateur modelling by me ;) all mixed up with a ton of nerves and adrenalin fuelled excitement but we really couldn't have been any happier with the result. 



Massive love and thanks goes out to everyone who supported us through our week, placed a bid, donated and cheered us on from the sidelines, we really couldn't have done it without you!

You can continue to support and follow the project here...

big love for now

Allison and Mr C x