Sunday crafternoon... November 03 2013

I've been shopping for supplies.

Polystyrene balls and hoops... neon wool, pretty floral paper, a pile of felt ... a new box of stamps, a big tub of coloured inks, polka dot card, 1 cutting mat... fluorescent pink spray paint.. a pack of sharpies, some lovely fabric printed with cotton reels and a canvas shopper!



Phew its gonna be a busy Sunday, a busy Sunday totally dedicated to crafting. Hooorah!

Ive got a head full of ideas and makes and gorgeous things I want to craft for the shop, for Christmas and for my home. I'm also testing out a few lovely ideas for coming workshops too. 

I can hear Mr C's knitting needles click clacking away from the front room, lil miss is making a sort of cute stuffed rabbit thing and mr milo (my older boy!) is revising for his GCSE's, poor love... (I'm not a huge fan of exams!) and there's a big old tasty Sunday roast sizzling away in the oven for later! 

Right, now I'm off to have some fun with a can of pink spray paint! Pop back soon sweeties to see what i've been up to.

Wishing you a happy Sunday folks, hope you're doing something lovely too.

Allison x x x