Mr C brings me flowers... November 02 2013

Every single Saturday morning Mr C brings me flowers.

Even If he's working at the shop, he still brings me flowers!

Before anybody else wakes, he's up and out either visiting the local farmers market, or he's off to the cake shop for donuts and fresh bread. He stops and picks up the Saturday papers (even though we barely get a chance to read them!) and then he makes his regular weekly trip to the flower man.





Sometimes he visits the flower man in the week too! So right now my kitchen table looks a little like this! Happy, colourful and very flowery, just how i like it!

He's a total superstar that Mr C ... apart from making the best dresses ever, he's a true romantic, a big softy, a total sweetheart.. and he certainly knows how to brighten a girls Saturday morning every week!


love ya long time Mr C 

Allison x x x x x