Lets go to Oxford... October 30 2013

I love my work and as you probably already know I give it pretty much everything I've got 24/7... day in day out. Except for the school holidays.

The school holidays is family time and we have always slowed things right down so that me & mr C can enjoy time out with our kids.

If we're not going away we spend a few lazy mornings in our pj's eating toast and then we break it up a bit with a few days out and about exploring.

Yesterday we went to Oxford.



Oxford for us as a family has got everything we love and better still you can squeeze it all into a day.

We start with a nice stroll along the river... then we have a little mooch around the museums, Pitt Rivers is our absolute fave.

There's heaps and heaps of choice for something nice to eat... we discovered Bills yesterday 'oh boy' we totally fell in love with this place, the food, the decor, the tempting goodies to buy on your way out... just absolute foodie heaven! Perfect in every way.

Then there's always a spot of shopping, we luuuurve shopping!

And as owners of an independent store ourselves we like to avoid the high streets, and the mainstream and head down the side streets looking for cute and quirky treasures.



This is what we bought. Some fairy lights, 2 rag dolls, cherry jam... an enamel tea pot, 3 second hand books, honeycomb fudge, a lemon squeezer, some pink twine, chocolate buttons and some mandarin flavour fizzy soda!

If we find something independent, different and not massed produced we like it a lot.

In fact that's an understatement. We HEART indies! and when we find good ones we like to shout it from the rooftops! Yes Bills... we are talking about you!  

What are up to this half term folks?... I would love to add your suggestions to my list of *lets go to....

Anyway, off on another little family adventure today, lets catch up again soon :)

Allison x x x