Mollie Makes home... October 23 2013

Way back in the Summer (remember that?.. endless blue skies and fluffy clouds) one of the most exciting emails 'ever' landed in my inbox.

It was from the rather gorgeous Caroline who runs the most lovely lifestyle blog Patchwork Harmony... It went a little something like this "I was wondering if you and your lovely hubby would like to be featured in Mollie Makes home magazine.. in an article about creative couples and their homes"




WHAAAAAAT? & mr C?!.. Er, like totally absolutely yes... to the moon and stars and back again we would luuuurrve to!

You probably know this already but I'm gonna tell you again anyway.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mollie Makes, it's like my very favourite and best magazine in the whole wide world.

I look forward to cosying up with it every month and keep saying I'm gonna subscribe but there's something so old skool I like about strolling down the road to collect it from 'Smiths and having a nice chat with 'Elaine' while I'm there. Or better still, Mr C collects it for me and brings me cake too!

So yeah, the exciting opportunity of being featured was literally a dream come true. I'm surprised you didn't hear me tearing round the kitchen screaming, singing, dancing and crying happy tears too!
"we are going to be in Mollie Makes... we are going to be in Mollie Makes (sing this to the tune of daft punks 'Get lucky' and you can kinda pretty much picture the scene!)

Styling my home is just the best and if you know me even just a little bit you will know that I have a habit of making things look gorgeous all of the time.



So an excuse to spend a whole week prettying up every corner of every room in my home til my heart's content was just bliss. Of course it looks gorgeous all of the time (there's never any washing up in the sink, promise) but this time was special, I had a photographer coming to town! Shan't tell you quite how much I spent on flowers that week!

Anyway. every cushion in the house was plumped to perfection, every flower picture on the wall was straightened and looking just so... My home was ready for it's big day.

And it was brilliant. Best day ever. Seeing our home full of the things we love, all of our treasures, handmade goodies, vintage furniture we've lovingly painted... old lampshades we've re-covered all photographed so beautifully is something I will never forget. (go buy a copy of the magazine to check out photographer Michael Sinclair's amazing work) these are just a few of my pics!




I take my styling and my work pretty seriously and the Mollie Makes home magazine is something me & mr C will treasure forever. In fact It has to be one of the highlights of our career and we've been making things look pretty for a very long time... nice to show it off in the best magazine in the world though 'eh? Specially when you just happen to be on the front cover too!

Still cuddling it now, every night before I go to bed :)

Thank you Caroline and Mollie Makes for such an amazing opportunity we heart you ... lots. and lots.

Allison and Mr C x x x