welcome to People online! October 11 2013

Ok. So over the past 3 weeks we have given the People shop a shiny new makeover, remember that? 7 days, 138 hours...  and several tins of paint?  Yep, in just one week we completely transformed the space and made our cute little shop even more beautiful than ever.

Then before we could sit back, pat ourselves on the back and say "my oh my didn't we do well" we immediately started work building ourselves a fancy smancy new website!  (well we've been making the lovely new products and taking pretty pictures ... the super duper gorgeous and amazingly talented byebyebirdie did all the really tricky techy, design and building stuff!)



And here it is folks.. Mr Christian and his dresses, me and my blog, the online shop full to the brim of handmade loveliness... the designing, the making, the stitching... the workshops all of the creative gorgeousness wrapped up in one big beautiful place!

We are soooo excited and happy we really hope you love it as much as we do.

Big love
Allison and Christian x x x