Mr Christian rocks my world... March 24 2013

And is a ruddy good knitter too!  Remember that big ball of wool bought him from the Hobby Craft fair the other day? Well he absolutely blooming loved it and has knitted it into a big snugly tartan snoodie thing!

How cool is that?...

Gotta tell ya folks I think my guy is pretty amazing. He is one of the most creative super talented, loveliest peeps in the whole wide world and he's all mine!!! (well you get to share him a teeny tiny lickle bit of course if you get him to make you a pretty new dress!)

mr c post.jpg
Ahhh man I love my Mr C...

This gorgeous fella totally rocks my world with his big heart, his doodles... his knitting, his moomins, his dresses, his singing and his crafting and creating of so so many beautiful things every single day. I'm a very lucky girly indeed and count my blessings to the moon and stars and back again.

He's also pretty good at being humble which makes him even more of a cutester superstar, so I get the lovely job of doing all the showing off for him ... ha ha no problem for me... easy peasy lemon squeezy baby!

I think you've got the message right?... I'm gonna be talking about him heaps and heaps over here at hello homey headquarters.

Now to go give him an extra big cuddle ... maybe in return for a snugly knitted snoodie thing. Fair deal don't ya think?

Keep it cosy lovelies
Allison ... hello homey x x x

p.s ... I may find him hiding behind the sofa when he finds out I've been a very naughty girl and written a whole blog post about him! Just sharing a little Sunday love.

p.p.s hello homey would have a great big gaping hole in the middle of it without him!