feeling a bit of a declutter coming on... March 25 2013

 The fact that it's Easter on Sunday means were surrounded by eggs right ? Not for me.  At least not of the hanging pastel coloured variety anyway.   Considering I'm big on styling everything in sight, and those hanging eggs do look very pretty, they just don't do it for me.  The house will be full to the brim with the chocolatey stuff though!

But the lighter days and Spring'ish feeling in the air most certainly does do it for me!.   Bring on the Mr Sheen.. feather duster and rubber gloves baby!  No corner is safe, no shelf will be untouched and definitely no clutter will survive.

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I have a habit of changing my mind like the wind and need to do something new with the changing of the seasons. I’m never ever standing still...

Literally if it's cold outside I'm lighting every single candle in the house and piling up the mohair throws.  And then when the sun makes an appearance I'm painting furniture, that once was slate grey, pastel pink and mint green!
Well, I always think  it's easy enough to paint it back again if the mood takes my fancy.
So today after the snowiest, laziest, snugliest weekend ever the sun is shining and I'm decluttering which also means I've got a paintbrush in my hand and some fabric out to make some sunny cushions!  Mr C is upstairs making a wedding dress... by the time he comes down at Midnight he might just barely recognise the place.
Pop back and see me again soon folks to see what changes I've been up to this time.
Big Monday love
Allison ... hello homey x x x