stop and smell the roses... May 23 2013

Woah I've been so busy the past few weeks, my feet have hardly touched the ground! Heaps and heaps of exciting stuff has been happening over here at hello homey headquarters.

There was the launch of the Sewcial club, with round two coming up this Friday. (Can you believe that tickets sold out for this second event in just under 24 hours?!).

Then makin it homey workshops have been in full swing ... cushions, bunting tea and cake a go go!  And then on Thursday tickets went on sale for the make and create workshops at Mac Birmingham.



I've had my photo taken for an exciting magazine feature.. eeeeek, I've made a stack of cute cards for the people shop and stitched up a few nice frocks too.  I've run a fashion workshop for dis-engaged kids. I made a sweet little dress for the baby of my gorgeous friend Emily Quinton.  I cooked food for 40 for a best buddies birthday, attended a parents evening, 2 governors meetings and prepared my daughter, lil miss, for her sats.

Oh and I also changed my name on twitter and instagram, stepping out from behind @thepeopleshop and instead i’ve embraced being me @allison_sadler_

Pheweee, that's a whole lotta stuff packed into the month of May don't you think? It's a great big beautiful job I LOVE what I do, all of it, each and every last little bit...

I think sometimes when things are super busy and life is whizzing by in a whirlwind of 'stuff' its a good idea to stop even just for 5 precious minutes to take it all in... to smell the roses and to feel happy with all that we do.

I'm sitting on the sofa, having a cup of peppermint tea doing just that, don't forget to do it too!

big love folks
Allison ... hello homey x x x