hello homemade jam... May 30 2013

I made jam on Sunday, sweet sticky strawberry jam you spread on hot buttered toast or sandwich between two sponge cakes ... and it was bloomin well delicious and so unbelievably easy to make and it didn't come out of a jar!



Two punnets of strawberries that were past there best and which would otherwise have ended up in the bin... a big bowl of sugar and a couple of spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice and that's it, that's the lot... just 3 simple ingredients that made 3 pretty jars of extremely tasty jam.

This has gotta be one of the simplest, most satisfying things I’ve cooked up in the kitchen recently. Cosy, homely and truly scrumptious!

Honestly folks... if boiling up a pot of jam can make you do a happy dance around the kitchen I'm in!

And if you fancy gettin' your jam on too, then here's how to do it.

Oh and I didn't have a thermometer so I just kept on stirring & boiling til it felt well sticky (about 10/15 minutes) then I put a drop on a plate in the fridge for 2 minutes... if it set, then you're good to go!

Happy jammin lovelies!

Allison ... hello homey x x x