a little late night sewing session... June 30 2013

You guys know how much I like instant results right?... and you know if I decide I want to design and make something new I want it all cut out and stitched up in record time. I want it ready to step into in like a couple of hours max!

Well I've had this beautiful bold black and white stripy jersey fabric knocking around for a couple of months now, I bought it to make an oversize T to wear with my skinnies and converse.  Well Thursday night I  was in a 'late night sewing' kinda mood and I decided I wanted to make something new to wear and I wanted to be wearing it the following morning.

Ya see, that's how my best makes happen, I get a feeling, a little idea of how I wanna look and if I ain't got that little something I want in my wardrobe *boom* I get the sewing machine out and whizz something up in an instant. 

I trained in Fashion design and it's a real beaut being able to make my own clothes whenever the mood takes my fancy.  Anyway, forget the oversize t-shirt, I decided to make my all time favourite signature dress instead.

mono dress.jpg
I’ve made it so many times now I don’t even use a paper pattern.. I just lay the fabric out and start cutting. It’s a slightly risky way of doing things but I love the excitement of seeing how its gonna work out each time.

And work out it sure as hell did baby! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new dress heaps. So much so I decided to save it to wear to something special next weekend.

So if you're out and about and you see a very happy girly wearing a black and white stripy dress, come say hello it could quite possibly be me!

Oh.. and don't worry if that doesn't happen I won't keep you lovelies guessing for too long... come back again next week and I'll post pics of the finished thing, hopefully with me wearing it if I feel brave enough to have my pic taken!

see you soon kids
Allison ... hello homey x x x