the people shop .. new season, big beautiful changes September 24 2013

In it's 13 years, our beloved People shop has had many a lovely makeover.  New season spruce ups, mid-season pick-me ups, 'Allison's gone mad for floral' phases, and 'pass me that yellow paint Christian, i need some sunshine in here' sessions.  But as we started adding the finishing touches to our AW 13/14 People collection I realised that this time the shop needed a makeover that was much more than just a frouf round the edges. Much more.


Now when I say 'makeover' I don't mean move the furniture around, hang some pictures on the wall and add a splash of colour with some pretty flowers in a vase.  What I actually mean is rip out all the furniture, sell off every last bit of stock and completely start from scratch...  with an absolute complete and utter empty space.
Oh, and we gave ourselves exactly 7 days to complete EVERYTHING.

Doable you think?... yep absolutely, if only we just had the shop space to think about.

Instead the 'to do list' looked something like this:

- paint the exterior in a soft shade of grey
- re-design the shop frontage & order some new signage (in neon pink)
- paint the interior white (3 coats!) and sand and varnish the floor (2 coats)
- saw the shop counter in half so that it fits neatly into it's new location ( who knew Mr C could be so nifty with a saw!)
- revamp the counter (scrub, fill, paint & repaper with floral wrapping paper)
- paint 2 display cabinets ( and line with more pretty paper)
- paint 6 chairs, some table legs, 8 vintage wire lampshades, 2 clothes rails, the stage in the window, 4 sets of shelving... and some lettering for the walls.
- add to this several thrifting trips all over town to buy more furniture and more things as and when another gap needed filling*
- plus the obligatory late night trip to IKEA (just because it feels compulsory to go buy something you don't really need whenever you're faced with a makeover project .. or could it just be the need to spoil ourselves with dodgy meatballs?! hmmmmm)

We wanted all the finishing touches to be perfect too, new packing and gift wrap, labels, hangers, tissue paper, stripy bags... you name it we ordered it. Every single detail had to be just right.

But it wasn't over yet. We got ourselves an awesome space with beautiful upcycled pretty painted furniture ... all waiting to be filled with pretty *awesome* products.


So in between painting furniture and banging nails into the walls, over the past few weeks, we have designed, stitched, crafted and created a gorgeous collection of clothing, jewellery, cushions, bags, bunting, and heaps of other lovely stuff.  We have filled every corner of The People shop with handmade loveliness. There have been late night sewing sessions a-plenty.

(And yes, it turns out it IS possible to thread a sewing machine and hang a picture on the wall all at the same time).

Phew. What a week. When we plopped into bed on Friday night/Saturday morning at around 3.30am, too frazzled to sleep, we decided to count up the hours it had taken us to complete.

So, there are 168 hours in a week and we spent 138 of them on the makeover, painting, varnishing, stitching, printing, gluing, hanging, designing, buying, styling and creating an amazing shop that is now our DREAM space.

Ok. So we probably squeezed a whole months worth of work into a week but it's all done and we really couldn't be happier. We love love love our new shop so much and we really hope you're gonna love it too.

And the best bit which i've saved til last is the news about our brand new *sewcial* space ... yep, at last the workshops will be happening in store. You can now shop and get creative all under one roof. Woooo hoooo... exciting eh?

We promise if you come and see us soon we'll pop the kettle on and you won't want to leave! More about that next time though,  I'm off to whip up a whole new pile of cushions for my lovely shelves (every one I so lovingly arranged on my shelves on Saturday has already been snapped up!).  Oh, and there's the small project of the our brand new 'People online' shop to finish too.  Phew! Exciting times!!

Be back soon folks

Allison ... hello homey x x x

* must remember to share with you my best Birmingham thrifting secrets, now THAT'S a whole post all in itself!  x