hello my sweet lovelies! February 28 2013

This really is my first ever proper blog post .... yippppppeeeee!

And I cannot tell you just how very very ... very happy I am to be here.  My tummy is full to the brim of butterflies and I'm a teeny tiny bit nervous but I am here... here and ridiculously excited!   This is something that I've been wanting to make happen 'like' forever!

Hello Homey feels like a beautiful dream that I've been waiting to tell you all about for a long, long time.  This is going to be my special place for sharing everything that is 'me' with you!

Home styling, making, crafting, sewing, stitching, cooking, shopping, thrifting, loving, teaching, giving and just about everything in-between that brings me joy. 

EVERYTHING about hello homey is from the heart and soul.  Here on these pages you'll find the things that I do and create everyday.  The things that make me happy.. the stuff that makes my heart sing.

So come on in... share the love, give me a BIG hug and let's be friends