Creative business mentoring... January 15 2016

Hello lovelies! did you know that I do one to one business mentoring sessions for creatives?... well if you didn't, read on... 


I've been doing them for a few years now and places seem to be booking up faster and faster as more and more creatives turn away from the structure of a 9 to 5 day job in favour of the freedom of going it alone.

These one to one mentoring sessions are invaluable if you want to concentrate on a particular area of your business or if you're a start up and want to know where to begin, as you don't have to share your precious time with anyone else - whilst a busy workshop with lots of people can be inspiring too, it can be much more productive to focus all of the attention on 'you' and 'your' creative venture.

So what can you expect from a one to one session?...
Well it's definitely nothing like any other 'traditional' business type mentoring session you may have seen before, if you already follow me on social media, you'll know I'm seriously passionate about a 'do it your way' creative lifestyle and that absolutely includes the way I do business too. There are no hard and fast rules or magic formula to getting this stuff right, but I truly believe that if you follow your heart and soul and rely on your intuition to guide you (it's trying to tell you stuff for a reason, listen to it) then you'll be a very happy bunny! Go one step further and apply this guidance to your work too and you'll be absolutely winning. It certainly works for me.

Ok. Enough of the philosophy. Back to the session.
They usually go something like this - crafter, maker, wannabe business owner drops me an email asking for help, we make a date, I make tea and cake and then we meet up and chat about all things business related, like branding, social media, selling, marketing, pricing, planning, etc etc or whatever they need to talk about... in a nutshell, all of the things you need to know about being your own boss.

I've got over 20 years worth of business experience packed under my belt so no topic is too big or small.

Then, after all the talking and the brainstorming and sharing of ideas - the crafter, maker, wannabe business owner leaves with a belly full of cake and a head full of inspiration ready to take on the world. All sorted.

Sound exciting?... Well if you're sitting at your kitchen table or you've just finished another long day at the office and you're dreaming of doing something else and taking your creativity to the next level, then do it, do it now, make a start and send me that email, invest in yourself and let's make 2016 awesome together.

Sessions are charged at a 2 hourly rate - you can find out more about them here or drop me an email at 

Look forward to seeing you soon lovelies
Allison x