make a hanging jam jar... January 07 2016

Hello lovelies, good to see you again and a happy new year too! 

I'm guessing right now you might be feeling a little bit like me... you've taken the Christmas tree down and all the pretty decorations too and there are little corners of your home that are looking a little bare. Am I right?... if so, then you might appreciate some simple ideas to style those empty spaces in your home.

Try this for starters! please excuse the photo, I know it's not the brightest and best, but the gloomy dark weather is something even I can't fix... roll on those brighter days hey! :)



All you need to create this look is, an empty jam jar, painted white (it will probably need a couple of coats of paint) or leave it clear glass (either works well) remove the labels and tie some string or twine around the top (making a loop for hanging) and that's it, as simple as that.

You could go to town and decorate your jam jar some more, but personally I think after all the full on festivities of the last few weeks - less is definetly more. Fill your jar with some refreshing eucalyptus or flowers of your choice and hang it on the wall. All sorted.

Happy making lovelies, pop back again soon for some more simple makes and styling ideas to ease you into the new year!

big love

Allison x