The People shop Christmas window... 2015 December 06 2015


This is my 16th Christmas window at the People shop ... I know, how crazy is that, time sure does fly in the world of independent business! I can't believe I've done so many and every one so different from the last.

There's been bright ones, pure white ones, vintage style and neon! traditional red and white with reindeers and a sledge and a 50's style display complete with a cardboard cut out Elvis and a jukebox! Oh and we've even had a real fire - well if you can picture a TV playing a cackling fire DVD with a brick fire surround, you'll come close to realising just how much thought and effort goes into every single display. 

This year it's a simple 'cosy' Christmas story... 



Think full on cosiness, comforting and rich, with tons of greenery, eucalyptus ... always eucalyptus, foliage and pine branches, old wooden crates, enamel buckets filled with dried fruit, copper stars, baskets and brown paper parcels all tied up with string. Oh.. and that dress, lovingly designed and stitched in-between installing the window. Mr C always makes something special for the Christmas display (usually a one off) but this year, we're spoiling you ... we ordered some extra fabric (we're getting good at this) specially for you, so you can get one in-store and online too. 



Teehee, I almost forgot to tell you about the fairy lights?... all 600 of them (it's the only time of the year me and Mr C come close to falling out!) well you know what a sucker I am for details ... well 'every single one of those 600 fairy lights had to be hung just so and let's just say Mr C is far more comfortable sitting behind a sewing machine than he is stood on top of a ladder after a long 12 hour day!

And then when I told him we had some festoon lights to hang outside too... (I may have been pushing my luck just a wee bit) anyway, it was a happy ending, 6 hours later, the window was complete and it looks fabulous don't you think! and Mr C is an absolute angel face for always being so patient with me! 



Each year, seeing my vision come to life is a really good feeling, I've been planning it for such a long time, it's lovely when it finally comes together. I think this might be my favourite one yet, then again I think I might say that every year! Hope you like it and it puts you in a happy and festive mood! 

love and best wishes for now

Allison x x x