November looked like this... December 04 2015

Hey lovelies! good to see you again :) 

The run up to Christmas is my busiest time of the year at the shop, which leaves me very little (ok, NO time) for blogging... but I'm determined to find at least a few minutes each month to share my highlights. 

So here you go, November looked like this...



It always takes me a couple of weeks to adjust to the darker shorter days as I'm mostly a Summer and sunshine girl (gimme blue skies any day of the week) but once I settle into the flow of getting all cosy and piling on the layers, I'm ready to embrace the Winter in all it's snugly loveliness! 

Work maybe busy but life at home is slow and the evenings are spent in pyjamas eating all the comfort food. Lots of candles are lit (although I confess to being a candle lover all year round) home doesn't feel like home without candles .. oh and flowers ... always flowers. 

Sheepskin rugs and blankets are stacked high for wrapping up warm, (more) fairy lights are draped through the home wherever I can hang them and the lights are turned down low to maximise the twinkly'ness! I've even had whole evenings lit purely by candle light, you should try it... it's the most magical and calming thing ever! 

And finally every room is filled with refreshing bunches of eucalyptus, tied, hung and displayed in jam jars. I'm fortunate to live a few minutes drive away from the flower market, so I can buy it by the bucket load :) and it's such an easy way to bring lots of greenery into your home. 

So that was my November, I'm looking forward to the month of December and the festivities it brings (yes .. I may have put my tree up already! why ever not?.. I like to make the most of this time of year) it's a special time at the shop as everyone is in a happy mood, plus it's another excuse to make home look extra pretty, win win! 

See you again soon sweet lovelies

lots of love

Allison x x x