The Mollie Makes Handmade awards June 10 2015

Hey lovelies!

Just incase you havent heard my screams of joy and excitement, I'm sharing the news right here too... I'VE BEEN SHORTLISTED FOR A MOLLIE MAKES HANDMADE AWARD!!! Woohoo!

Yes sweetie pies, I'm a finalist in the 'Creative Idea' category and I'm taking 'Make it Sewcial' to London ...  tomorrow! Eeek, yes I did say tomorrow, I can hardly contain myself and type these words because I'm so happy and excited and nervous and all of the lovely things rolled into one! 

I entered the awards a few weeks ago and was keeping everything crossed that the Mollie Makes team 'might choose me. And they did!

Honestly when the email landed in my inbox, I was in town on a girly shopping night out with my mom and daughter, I literally squealed out load in the middle of the chocolate shop and the happy tears and joy came flooding out, right there and then in front of everyone, I may have even done a moonwalk type happy dance around the store too because I felt soooooo elated! 

I can't really explain and put into words exactly how much this means to me, but I can say that being shortlisted has filled my heart right up to the top and had me skipping around with a tummy full of butterflies ever since. 



I've been living and breathing a handmade lifestyle for the biggest part of my life (26 years to be exact) and I started out on my creative journey when I was just 17 years old with a sewing machine, a piece of fabric and heaps of attitude, so to be shortlisted and recognised for my work really really is the best feeling ever. 

Whatever happens tomorrow, I'm going to be spending a whole beautiful creative day with gorgeous people, crafting, making, chatting and having a wonderful time and even if I don't scoop the award, it really doesn't matter, because the happiness I feel right now is immeasurable and I absolutely feel like a winner already!

Wish me luck guys and thank you Mollie Makes for making me the happiest girl in the world!

big love for now

Allison x x x