Make it Sewcial... macrame pot hanger June 01 2015

hello lovelies! 

If you're here to follow this weeks easy peasy tutorial, I promise you won't be disappointed, this tutorial is so simple, you can have it completed from start to finish in around ten minutes, so there's no excuses, you could even have a go in your lunch break!

And if you just dropped by for a nosey, well what are you waiting for?... pull up a seat and grab some string, we are going retro baby and making pot hangers! Oh yeah!



This trend is 'huge' at the moment and I've stripped back all the fiddly bits and applied the 'life is too short for complicated crafting rule' so you can all have a go at making one ... tying just nine simple knots, is all that stands between you and an ultra cool pot hanger, you'll be styling up your homes in no time, almost as quickly as you can say "I remember those the first time round" 



Right, ready to do it?... good stuff, let's get cracking .. or should I say knotting!  



1) materials - you will need some chunky yarn, cotton cord, string, ribbon or even strips of fabric, anything that you can tie knots with that will hold the weight of your pot will work just fine, you will also need a small wooden hoop, I used a curtain hoop for mine. 

2) start by cutting 4 lengths of cord about 2 metres long, again, you can make yours whatever length you fancy, these are just guidelines. fold them in half and thread them through your wooden hoop

3) pulling tightly together as in pic number 3 - you should have 8 lengths hanging freely 

4) separate your cord into two's ready for your first lot of knots - I've measured 30cm down for mine



5) with two strands of cord together, tie your knots - four in total 

6) then bring the remaining six inner cords together as in pic 6 (leaving the two outer ones free)

7) measuring about 10cm down tie another three knots, then tie the two outer strands together to create another knot 

8) and finally - bring all eight strands together and tie your ninth knot about 10cm down. voila ... all done! how easy was that?... you can finish off by cutting the tassel to your desired length, if you want to be twinsies' mine measures 15cm! now all you need is a cute potted plant, to try out your creation, succulents and cacti all look good in hanging pots. 



Looks lovely doesn't it?... this seasons must have home accessory in under 10 minutes can't be bad! I reckon once you've made one, you'll want to make lots more, I did, here's an alternative I made using white yarn with a simple glass bowl



Just perfect for displaying a single pretty pink peony or a small posy of Spring flowers!



I'd love to see what you do with yours, so don't forget to share some pics with me over in the Make it Sewcial gallery! I think I might leave this pretty one right here, hanging over the desk in my workroom. 


happy making everyone! 

big love until next time 

Allison x x x