The Make it Sewcial Meet up part 1... A dream come true May 20 2015

Hello lovelies!

On Saturday a very special dream of mine came true, one that I've been thinking about and planning for a long time, a dream of a beautiful community of like minded crafters, makers and creatives, all coming together to inspire each other to make 'their' dreams come true too, whatever they may be. 

A dream that would bring the #makeitsewcial hashtag to life, through organising a real live event. A dream that will support, encourage and enable creatives to live a handmade lifestyle too. 



I know .. I know, there's a whole lotta dreaming going on there, but dreams are magical things don't you think?... especially when you actually turn them into reality and all of the pretty pictures and colours and happy thoughts you've been thinking of for ages and ages actually come true!

Fifty fellow makers from all over the country, London, Devon, Essex, Newcastle, Manchester, Norfolk, Malvern, Bristol, Northampton and more were quick to book the 50 places on offer, I could have doubled that number and filled the beautiful Impact Hub space twice over. 



It really is almost impossible to put into words the joy and happiness that was felt on Saturday... but I'll let you into a little secret, all of my guests (yep, all 50 of them) may have seen me shed a tear or two, happy tears of course! so its all good! I'll do my best not to get too gushy all over again and try and let the gorgeous pictures do the talking! (well, we'll see how I go, I've never managed to keep quiet before, especially when I'm feeling this happy and excited!) 



No Make it Sewcial Meet up would be complete without sweet things and treats and I love to spoil my guests and make them feel really special, and apparently love hearts, flying saucers and marshmallows are very good for your creativity ... well, it always works wonders for me! :)

Then of course there's the styling of the venue, my faaaaavourite bit, I had so much fun making all the props and decorations for the day! paper poms poms, garlands, bunting, pennants and heart shaped confetti ... just so much pretty! to quote the lovely Amy "I had such a wonderful time, It was like the best children's party, for adults I've ever been too" tee hee, what a result! love it when a plan comes together! 



 And then there was cake, lots of it! I'm so proud of lil miss for making this one, the prettiest, sprinkliest cake, I ever did see... even the shade of pink was just right, I can't imagine where she gets her attention to detail from! We may have eaten cute mini donuts and drank lots of cocktails too... juicy ones to begin .. the rum came later ;)  'oops, not doing a very good job of being quiet now am I! 



Then there was the creative stuff... we had crafting and knitting and biz chat and sewing and pom pom makers and happy beads, we didn't just enjoy ourselves eating all the cake and drinking all the cocktails, we made loads of stuff too! Oh and I love how the gorgeous Kat painted her nails to match the colour theme! It's all in the details!



We also had a table full of beautiful flowers from Pollen floral Joy to make pretty posies... 



Then there was the conversation and sharing of ideas... and a whole load of following of Instagram accounts too, WE HEART INSTAGRAM, none of this would have been possible before this lovely community came together through that magic hashtag #makeitsewcial and a series of pretty photos in squares! It was such a pleasure to meet all the lovely people who live in my phone in real life!



More happy people... wearing their creations and embracing the mantra!



And another delicious cake too good not too share, even the chocolate buttons and flag cake toppers were handmade! 



Then after a busy day of creating, we went on a lovely photo walk, who knew that jumping around with giant balloons in front of colourful painted walls could be so much fun? all the giggles and all the laughter, the letting go, being a bit silly and pretending like nobody's watching was such good tonic to feed the soul and fill your heart up. 



Look, I even managed to grab Mr C for a quick photo too... I think he was a teeny weeny bit shy bless, he's such a sweetheart! 



And there we have it, the first ever Make it Sewcial Meet up really was the best day ever, a day full of inspiration, crafting, making, laughter, learning, smiles, sharing, joy and happiness, all brought together to celebrate this amazing creative handmade community.

Thank you to everyone who came along and help made it happen, bye bye birdie for her biz chat, Sewist for supervising the sewing machines and obsessive crochet disorder and her buddy for getting nifty with the knitting needles and an extra big thank you goes out to Impact Hub for providing the best venue in Birmingham. Oh, I mustn't forget to thank Mr C and my lovely little family too for EVERYTHING, they really really are the best! 

The good news is, the dream doesn't end here... It was such an amazing day, I can't wait to do it all over again and I'm already planning the next part of the Make it Sewcial journey, I hope you'll be joining me too?... or if you're thinking about organising your own event, I'll be here to help you make it happen. Oh and don't forget to join me again soon for part 2 of the Meet up story... capturing the magic, with pretty pics snapped by the gorgeous Kat

Big love for now

Allison x x x