Make it Sewcial... simple paper garland April 27 2015

hello lovlies! good to see you again :) 

I don't seem to get as much time as I would like to these days to share tutorials as I'm always busy working on other projects, but today, I was trying out my new toy and couldn't resist sharing it with you!


Here it is, a giant craft punch that cuts giant circles! well they're not quite that big but they're much bigger than your average hole punch! Each circle measures a whopping 3" or 8cm if you're not old fashioned like me ;)  



Whoopie, isn't it lovely?... I've been lusting after one of these bad boys for ages ... seriously, I've been known to sit up till the wee small hours of the morning cutting a million circles for paper garlands with a pair of scissors! I know, this is crazy when a nifty little gadget like this exists in your local craft store! I loved it so much, I may have bought a heart shaped one too!



Imagine all the lovely things you can create with these... cards, gift tags, labels, name badges, all sorts of gorgeousness, I,m trying out a garland first as I use these all the time in my styling shots and for window displays at the shop too.

Three simple steps is all it takes, and here they are : 

1) choose some pretty paper or light weight card works well too, then cut enough circles to make you happy



2) turn your circles over and attach a piece of clear thread or string with some washi tape - you could stitch through your circles too if you have enough time to get the sewing machine out.



3) find a lovely spot to hang your garland on the wall, or you could drape them over picture frames and mirrors or try hanging lots of them vertically in a window



I promise, once you've started punching holes, you'll be making a ton of pretty paper garlands and hanging them everywhere that needs a pop of colour! Don't forget to share pictures with my over on IG if you do! 

happy making lovelies

Allison x x x