Make it Sewcial... more than just a hashtag March 27 2015

And Make it Sewcial Mondays encourages us all to do just that! 

I started this hashtag around a year and half ago and the community that now surrounds it is a beautiful thing, it's growing stronger and stronger every week and reaching more and more creatives all over the world 'inspiring them to M A K E and to get creative whatever their chosen craft. 


While the crafting and making is at the heart of this community there is something much much bigger than that happening, making ALL of this so special... 

Here's what some of my fellow makers over on Instagram had to say... 

Sewist 53 

Make it Sewcial starts my week off with an enormous smile, I look forward to it and plan a project for it. It means that I meet, chat to and get encouragement and support from fellow makers, crafters and people who don't think I'm a bit weird because a beautiful piece of fabric makes me expire with orgasmic delight!! The people in our community make Mondays magical. They inspire with their wonderful ideas, help out when you have a problem and most of all they celebrate, celebrate and celebrate every success with you, every tiny step along the way.

It feels so good when someone says "well done" and also when you can say "yay" for someone else. This community is bound up, watched over, lead, inspired and tied up with an enormous pink (pastel this season!) bow by the wonderful, ceaseless energy that is Allison Sadler - she brings us all this and she puts her heart and soul into it all. 

Amelie and Richard 

Our minds and imagination never stop. This family is constantly on the go, dreaming up new things, new recipes, new adventures, thats us ... constantly absorbing stuff like a colony of sponges. Cue Allison Sadler - this lady is dynamite. Her creative mind is nearly as crazy as ours and she channels this arts and crafts energy in her hashtag #makeitsewcial. If you are a maker, creator, this is the place to showcase your work and to get inspired and meet equally creative souls . It's not a knit and bitch circle, it's uber creative souls who paint, draw, yarn artists and dress makers.

We believe in handmade. Factory made and mass produced makes us sad beyond belief. This is the way forward. It encourages artisan crafts and locally made individuality. So don't be shy, show off your creations when Allison opens the doors again. 

It is full of Inspiration! We have learned so much from all of these creative souls and Allison is just beautiful, check out her blog too... 

Ceramic Magpie 

The lovely Allison Sadler hosts the #makeitsewcial hashtag as well as having a fabulous shop in Kings Heath selling clothes and beautiful items for the home. She organises great networking and inspirational Instagram chats on a Monday evening. I love these chats as you always learn something new and you end them feeling empowered to make and to be more creative. 

Rebekah's Attic

I've been a crafter for as long as I can remember, but only recently started sharing my crafting with the world and specifically through the lens of Instagram. It was scary and I've doubted myself and my crafts many times, but there's one thing my craft loving friends that's made the journey easier and more fun and that is the lovely Allison Sadler and Make it Sewcial. 

If you don't follow her, you really should! Such a friendly community that gathers behind her and offers such wonder support to us littlies. 

The Cali jemo collective 

I've just started following Allison Sadler and I'm grateful that there are so many creative and talented people out there helping to keep keep creative dreams alive. The world needs love... and it also needs Make it Sewcial. 

Mrs Daft Spaniel

Mondays are the best day of the week for me due to Allison Sadler's Make it Sewcial hashtag! It's lovely to look through pics of what everyone is making and to take time to post my own work. 


The gorgeous Allison Sadler is the lady behind Make it Sewcial where makers can come together and share their creativity. It is a wonderfully inspiring community and I love looking through the hashtag feed each week

Sweet Sharna

Mondays are my favourite day of the week now, thanks to the lovely Allison Sadler. I can't go without not making and posting something I've made on Make it Sewcial Monday. Its amazing how many talented people join in, the range of crafts I see each week is incredible and highly motivating. I've met so many friendly people through Make it Sewcial and I love guessing who Allison will pick as Maker of the week. 

Me again!

Wow! See why I wanted to share all of this loveliness with you guys?..  Make it Sewcial is creating all kinds of magic and is so much more than a hashtag, its changed the way we start our week, that's pretty awesome stuff don't you think?... 

Its Inspiring, encouraging and motivational, its connecting a community of creatives together to support one another, its making people smile and feel good, its opening up happy conversations ... it's making a real difference to people's lives. it is ALL of the things I wanted it to be and millions more. 

Thanks to everyone who shared a comment and for all the lovely compliments too, you sure know how to make a girl feel loved :) keep on making and creating beautiful people and sharing all of this magic with the rest of the world. And if you know anyone who creates stuff .. and hasn't joined in yet .. give 'em a nudge, you might make Monday the happiest day of the week for them too!

Allison x x x