Maker of the week... Blossom and Bear March 20 2015

hello my friends! 

back again for another Maker of the week story?... lovely :) here you go, welcome to the sweet and gorgeous Blossom and Bear. 

Tell me a little more about you ...

Hello! I'm Sarah- maker behind Blossom and Bear, mum of two gorgeous little people and wife to the lovely Danny

And where are you based?...

I lived in beautiful Bath up until a few months ago, when we decided to become city cats and up and moved to Bristol (just down the road really!) I am loving city life, Bristol is a very creative city with so much to explore!

I work from home around looking after my 2 and 3 year old... When they nap I make! My craft room is a work in progress but should be finished fairly soon.

My little girl often sets up her own little shop around me and pretends she is making things to sell- it's very cute.

What lovely things do you make?

Mainly things for little ones and their Mummas, but also some home items and illustrations and prints for everyone.

And where do you sell your products?

I sell on my online shop and you can also find me on etsy. I'm about to start selling on Not On The High Street too which is very exciting!

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by the everyday- little things people say, song lyrics, flowers, the outdoors, moments at home with my children, beautiful pictures and inspiration found on instagram and pinterest, kind words, memories.

My biggest inspiration comes from my friends, my family and my faith.. without the encouragement I get from these I don't feel I'd have the confidence to put myself out there as a maker.

Do you have any advice to makers just starting out?

Be yourself! You are wonderful and there is no one else like you. It's so easy to compare ourselves with others, but it doesn't do us any favours.

Don't wait until you have a perfect product- It can be really scary putting yourself out there but there are lots of places where people can encourage and support you. I look back at some of the things I made a year ago and cringe - but I know it's a process and the only way I can get better is to keep creating! Work hard and Have fun!

And finally, what are your hopes and dreams for the future of your business?

I would LOVE to have my own bricks and mortar shop one day with a workshop out the back to screenprint and make in. I'd love to grow my business to a point where I can help people out of poverty. Blossom and bear is about to start supporting small businesses through to empower people living in poverty, so that feels like a small step in the right direction.

And heres the lovely Sarah with her beautiful daughter! 

I've been following Sarah for a while now over on Instagram (and Mr C bought me one her lovely prints too!) and I'm really looking forward to seeing her business grow into something super special and I'm even more excited because we will be selling a small selection of the Blossom and Bear range at The People shop very soon! Eeek! Thanks again Sarah for sharing your Maker story, your work is just adorable. 

See you again soon sweeties, keep on making and sharing the handmade love!

Allison x x x