growing an online audience... March 19 2015

On Tuesday night I was invited by Amy Rozel Martin to talk about social media at BOM Lab - Birmingham Open Media, it's a new creative space for art, technology and science.  

The drop in sessions are part of a series of how to's for young people pursuing creative careers. 

The Bom Lab opened a few months ago and it was my very first visit, I loved the open space, the light and the relaxed atmosphere, the exposed pipes, untreated woodwork and minimal furnishings added to the industrious look and laid back vibe of the place. Its the perfect venue for artists, tech types, photographers, illustrators and anyone interested in doing their creative thing to hang out. 

I got to hang out with these guys and share a few top tips on how to build your online audience.

As you well know, social media has become a big part of my life, so its no surprise that I could have talked about it all night... I had 20 minutes, I managed it in just under 40 :) not too bad.

In this blog post I wanted to share my top 5 tips on how you can make social media work for you too, here goes... I hope you find them useful.  

FIND YOUR COMFORT ZONE you cannot be master of them all - some will feel nicer and easier than others and thats ok, take the time to pick your plot, plant your seeds, water them regularly, talk to them from time to time and watch your followers grow at a strong healthy pace from the roots right up to the blossoming flowers reaching for the beautiful sunshine, (blimey, not sure where that came from, who knew I could be so poetic!) anyways, back to it :) enjoy the place that suits you best and feels the most natural, that way It shouldn't feel like too much of a chore to nurture it often. 

CONSIDER IT WORK and make time for it in your daily schedule, unless of course you're mostly online to chat to friends or play candy crush, then you can please yourself! but if you want to take it seriously and you want to build a following for work or networking purposes, then you will need to dedicate some time to it to do it well. Oh, and don't feel guilty, who knows what opportunities are waiting for you after that next tweet. 

BE CONSISTENT and share the same story on ALL platforms (not literally because that would just be boring) but remember that whatever message you are sending out, be sure to give it some continuity so that it flows smoothly and seamlessly through ALL channels, there is no point doing a wonderful job of sharing all the pretty pics over on Instagram if you are constantly moaning about the price of petrol and bad mouthing Aunty Brenda over on Facebook. That absolutely will not do, your followers are always watching you remember! 

MAKE GENUINE CONNECTIONS with the right people. Ok. If you were stood in a crowded room, you wouldn't click with everybody now would you? you wouldn't have time to have meaningful conversation with all the people and you wouldn't want to because it wouldn't be lovely and nice, so why try and do it online... use your precious time to connect with the people you care about, its so much nicer than networking for networking sake and in return, hopefully you will be rewarded with some long lasting honest relationships. 

SHOW THEM SOME LOVE and keep them coming back for more. If someone takes the time to follow you, like you, leave you lovely comments then its up to you to make them feel special, for goodness sake TALK TO THEM, unless you're Madonna or there is absolutely no excuse for ignoring people. I know its impossible to reply to every single solitary comment especially as your numbers grow, but all I'm saying is try your absolute best to respond. Its called 'social' media for a reason. 

And finally, this isn't in my top 5 btw, but just a reminder to enjoy it and have fun, if you're having a good time, it will show and those followers will come flocking by the dozen!

big love for now
Allison x x x