my living room makeover... March 14 2015

hello loves!

Just wanted to share a few pics of my lovely living room as it was. Yes... I'm about to change ALL the things. 

Eek. Eek. Eek. 

I'm nervous because I've loved this space for a very long time and enjoyed creating and styling every inch of its colourful floral vintagey loveliness and I'm super excited because the stylist in me gets a huge buzz about changing ALL the things. 

In some ways this space is harder to change because over the past two or three years it has become an almost iconic room in my home. I've shared countless beautiful pics of it over on Instagram (and it always gets a million likes!) well not quite, but my followers love this room ALOT, it has popped up all over Pinterest, been featured on several design and interior blogs and even graced the cover of Mollie Makes Home magazine with a ten page feature inside. See, I told you it was pretty special! Please do excuse this rather tired looking photo, its an oldie, I haven't taken any pics of this space for awhile, I guess because I'm feeling tired off it too.

Take a look at it here instead, in all its lovely glory shot by a professional interiors photographer. 


I've loved this space forever but its definitely time to move on and to embrace all the changes I'm feeling inside. A new colour palette, a different vibe, a change of mood and the best bit, gathering all the lovely new things to make it feel gorgeous all over again, ahhh I'm so ready! 

I can't help but feel a teeny weeny tiny bit sad though as I take each floral picture down and remember the magic of finding each one like a piece of treasure at a car boot sale or charity shop, then the excitement of racing home to add it to my collection, I'm hoping to have these moments of joy all over again re-styling this space.

Heres a sneaky peak of whats to come ...

Brown things I hear you gasp' ha ha, don't worry my friends, I still love all the colourful things too but this just feels so right. I've been drifting this way for a while and I've already created this look in the other part of my lounge (remember, the vinyl and G&T zone?) now its time to let the changes happen, to flow completely through the rest of the house.

I'll be back soon sharing some more photos of the makeover as it takes shape, hopefully over the next few days. 

big love for now lovelies

Allison x x x