Maker of the week... Apartment Apothecary March 13 2015

Hello lovely people! ready for another Maker story?... good stuff :)

let me introduce you to Katy, the lovely creative talent behind Apartment Apothecary

I first met Katy at Blogtacular last year and have been following her work over on Instagram ever since. I love how she mixes styling, crafting, making and interiors so beautifully together and the fact that she uses some of the prettiest Liberty fabrics in her makes, had me totally smitten! 

So tell me a little bit more about you?

Hi there! My name is Katy and I write Apartment Apothecary, an interiors and craft blog. I used to be a secondary school teacher until I gave it all up last year to follow my dream of working in the world of interiors. I have been obsessed with interiors since I was 11 years old when my parents let me decorate my bedroom; I think I have probably re-decorated every year since!

And where are you based? 

I have always been based in London and I live in Bermondsey with my partner, Jules and our puppy, Otto. When I made the leap into full time blogging and freelance writing and styling, I did a room makeover, turning our guest room into a home office (my mother-in-law was not pleased!). It is a really motivating space as it is bright white and so light. There is a huge desk in the middle of the room so I can have blissful sewing or crafting days. I also have little crafting sessions with friends in this space.

What do you make?

When I began my blog two years ago, I had not crafted since I was a child. One of the first things I did was an introduction to sewing course and within a few months I had done a couple of guest sewing tutorials for the Liberty of London blog, which was the most exciting thing to ever happen to me!! I now do a lot of sewing tutorials for magazines. Almost everything I sew is for the home as the idea of being able to custom make something for my own home, for a fraction of what I could buy it in the shops, was one of the main reasons I wanted to learn to sew.

I also do really simple DIY projects for my blog and again, they are all things to make my home feel better - personalised plant pots, candles, hanging planters and lamp shades.

Where do you sell your products?

I don't sell anything. Everything I make is either for my own home or presents for friends.

What inspires you?

I love getting inspiration from other bloggers, Instagram, Pinterest, magazines - the list is endless. One of the best ways of getting inspiration is going to my favourite shops, making a mental note of what I love and the coming home and seeing if I can create something similar for less money.

What are some of the pros and cons of running a creative business?

I think the biggest con for me is the fact that I make so much mess on a daily basis! I live in a constant state of crafting/DIY mayhem, which doesn't sit well with the fact that I like my home to look perfect. For me, it's really important to be as organised as possible, especially if you work from home.

The biggest pro is that I positively look forward to each day's work, which I could never say about my old job. Sometimes, before I can even get out of my pyjamas you will find me camera in hand, styling, making, creating because I really love doing it and can't get started soon enough. I never need a push to get going each day, which is just a truly wonderful feeling that I never expected from a job.

Any words of wisdom or advice to fellow makers starting out?

I think it's really important to get the support of those around you, whether it be your partner, family or friends. It can be a scary thing to do so it's crucial to know that you have people to fall back on if it doesn't work out in the way that you hoped it would. For me, one of the best things I did, or didn't do rather, was making no rigid plan. I handed in my notice at work and just waited to see where the path would lead me, what opportunities would reveal themselves and what made me happiest. I love the fact that new and exciting opportunities land in my inbox everyday and that I can be open to all or none of them because I haven't tied myself into anything.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

So many! I would love to work on more home tours for magazines, I would die for my own studio space, I dream of learning more about photography and other than that I look forward to seeing where the wind takes me.

Thanks Katy for sharing your lovely story, I love how much you've made happen in such a short space of time. If you want to see more of Katy's work then be sure to check out her beautiful blog Apartment Therapy or why not join in her #stylingtheseasons hashtag over on Instagram 

Inspiring stuff for anybody thinking of quiting their day jobs and going it alone don't you think?... you can absolutely make it happen if you really want to! 

Until next time, keep on making and creating (mostly so I can share your lovely stories here!)

Allison x x x