Maker of the Week... Sweet Izzi February 13 2015

Hello lovelies and welcome to another super sweet Maker of the week story.

I love this designers work so much, I couldn't wait to share it with you here! I'm absolutely sure you're gonna fall in love with every bit of it too! 

Say hello to the lovely Suzi, the maker behind Sweet Izzi

Tell me a little bit about you?... 

I'm Suzi I live with my fiancé and best-friend although I always refer to him as my husband it's easier than saying fiancé.

And where are you based?

I live in the Northern Quarter an area in the city centre of Manchester.
It's like a little village with lots of independent shops, galleries, quirky cafes and my fave coffee shops perfect for watching the world go by.
Working from home means that I have to be super organised and disciplined as I'm easily distracted so we are making a new work-space with a desk area in the spare bedroom which I am really excited about.
Hopefully it will be a great alternative to my previous "studio" the dining-room table!

what do you make?...

I design and make paper flowers for all sorts of occasions, celebrations and decorations.

And where do you sell your beautiful creations?

I sell my work on Etsy where I recently opened a little shop it's a starting point and a definite work in progress, I'm focusing on adding new blooms for Spring and Mothers Day.
I also do commission work where clients contact me directly through word of mouth and social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

what inspires you?

I'm inspired on a daily basis by a gazillion different things!
But to fine tune it in no particular order - people that make things happen, people that make me laugh, textures, old buildings, kindness, people that actually stick to an exercise regime [I like people!] countryside walks and landscapes, colours, paper, wandering around new cities, the limitless energy of small people, vegetarian food, not having a set routine..... I think I should leave it there :)

And finally Suzi, what are your hopes and dreams?

Ah! thats a tough one I have so many - I'd like to do workshops in the future for adults and children and make blooms especially for the wedding market.
I would love to create an installation or giant flower window display for a fancy store.
A move is on the cards next year so a simple uncomplicated life somewhere rural is what I'm really dreaming about!

Fallen in love with Suzi and her beautiful blooms yet?... I hope so, how could you not when she makes such gorgeous things! It was a tough job choosing which pictures to feature here so If you want to follow some more of her floral story pop over to Instagram and catch up with the rest there. Or why not visit her lovely Etsy store and spoil yourself with some pretty flowers that will last forever! 

Thank you Suzi for sharing your Maker story, oh and if you're ever in Birmingham please feel free to come and install a giant flowery display in the People shop window anytime, we would love to have you!

Allison x x x