Make it Sewcial... heart lightbox February 09 2015

Hello lovelies, good to see you again so soon!

this week's tutorial is a little something you can make for Valentines day, its as quick and as easy as making a card but much nicer because it lights up (and we all love things that light up!) I'm going to give this one to Mr C... ssshhh, don't tell him! 

M A T E R I A L S :

you will need an old cardboard box, any shape or size you have lying around would do the trick (I've made two, a baby one and a slightly bigger one)

and some battery operated fairy lights, like these (you will also need some paint if you want to finish up with a coloured box) 

make a paper heart template and trace around it like so 

and then using a pointy pencil, punch some holes in your box - two things to remember here 

1) don't make the holes too big, you want the lights to fit nice and snug so they don't fall out

2) make sure you punch enough holes to match up with your lights - 10 bulbs = 10 holes - sounds simple doesn't it?... I managed to punch too many holes... twice!

*now's the time to paint it a colour if you want to pretty it up*

then push your lights through the holes... 

tuck the batteries inside and close up the box

d o n e ! 

I quite like the brown cardboard box version because it looks kinda urban and raw (perfect for those burley blokes) but my bloke likes pink as much as me so I'm giving him the painted one! 

and thats it, I hope you like my simple Valentine tutorial and have a go at making one too, Its a great way of combining a card and gift in one go. If you have more time you could really go to town and make a super duper light box spelling out lovey dovey words and everything! 

Oh and don't forget to hide a secret love note inside or scribble some romantic words on the back, I love you more than bacon, you are sweeter than a donut with sprinkles on top... you get my drift! happy making sweethearts! 

big love

Allison x x x