Embracing January... January 31 2015

January the gloomiest month of the year, or is it?...

I figured you can give into the grumpiness and wish it all away or you can spin that gloominess on it's head and embrace it all, just like you would any other month of the year and the differences that each one brings. 


Obviously It isn't always easy but if you start to appreciate what the month of January is designed for you will enjoy it so much more. Long dark cold days should encourage us to wrap up warm in lots of chunky layers, to run hot bubble baths after work and soak for awhile, to light the pretty candles all over the house, to indulge in hearty comfort food, all the soup and bread and to forget about the crazy diets 'BE KIND TO YOURSELF'

To drink spicy red wine, to cuddle on the sofa, to walk holding hands in the snow, to take advantage of going to bed early, to read some more books, to give into little naps, to go slow while you absolutely can, those busy months are coming and I promise if you rest up now and hibernate like a big brown bear you will feel raring to go in February... well that might be pushing it a little bit but certainly by March when the first flowers are blooming! YOU WILL FEEL FRESH AND BLOOMING LOVELY TOO! 

big love for now sweeties, take care 

Allison x x x