Maker of the week... Thread the Love January 30 2015

Hello lovelies and welcome to another amazing Maker of the week story!

In Monday nights Make it Sewcial chat session we shared our love, tips and expert advice on all things crochet. So, I'm super pleased that today I can share the crocheted loveliness that is Thread the Love here. 

How ridiculously cute is this turban?!... and that face .. bless! 

And these pretty collars?... swoon double swoon!

Tell me a little bit about you?

I'm Amber. Mama, maker, dreamer!

And where are you based? 

I'm originally from Birmingham and moved to Rugby nearly 3 years ago when I was pregnant with Phoebe. The three of us live in a recently renovated tiny Victorian cottage. I currently work from either the sofa or the dining table but I have the studio space in the form of a brick outhouse in our back garden that I am hoping to start renovations on this spring.


What do you make?

Mainly crocheted children's (and some grown ups) accessories. I've made some children's clothing in the past too and would love to focus a lot more on this again this year.

And where do you sell your products?

I have a website where most of the business is done. I have sold at a few craft fairs in the past and although I enjoy them, I don't find them hugely profitable. I have been approached by a big name brand recently about stocking my crocheted collars but they wanted to strip my identity from them and sell them as their own product which I wasn't happy with. I must stay authentic and true to myself even when there's pound signs flying around!

What inspires you? 

Is it corny to say my daughter? It's true though, before having Phoebe I was in a dead end retail job and she gave me that push to do something with the passion for textiles and fashion combined that I have always had. I come from a very creative family with my mum being a soft furnishing interior designer, my sister having owned her own dress shop and my brother currently studying fine art at Central Saint martins, I had to do something to feed my passion.
I find inspiration in every day, colours, textures, weather, people I see on the bus and of course, Pinterest!

And what are your hopes and dreams?

This could take a while. I'm so full of hopes and dreams. I want to move to the Netherlands and open up shop selling not only my crocheted wares but other handmade children's clothes, accessories and gifts. I'd love to write a book or to be featured in a magazine. I also run a small crochet workshop in a local shop and I'd really like to travel the country doing more workshops and meeting lots of like minded people.

Thank you so much Amber for this lovely interview, If you want to see more of this crocheted cuteness, go check out her online store and you can follow her story over on Instagram too, until next time, keep on making lovelies!

big love

Allison x x x