snow, sleep and ginger bread houses... January 22 2015

A family holiday to Sweden...

I really can't think of a more dreamier way to have started the New Year than to be surrounded by snow, crisp blue skies, and silence. 

We stayed with lour lovely friends Sara, Karin, Julius and Ella in their beautiful home...

we woke when we were ready and padded about in comfy layers and cosy socks, I have never felt so relaxed, welcome and at ease.

This is Sara taking care of the chickens

and in return they gifted us fresh eggs for breakfast in the morning... which we ate with funny, I mean 'delicious" fish paste!

 When we got dressed we walked through the forests with the beautiful light...

And played in the snow and skated on ice (a huge frozen lake, eek!)

We looked up at the trees and breathed in all the fresh air...

And in the evening we collected wood for the stove and hung pretty candles in the tree ... so pretty, it made my heart sing!

We cooed at the yellow house next door... and fell in love with the gingerbread houses dotted in the snow

And then we met Karin's house ... oh my! too much cuteness!

There hasn't been a day gone by when I haven't missed this place, the snow, our lovely friends and the peace and calm of this beautiful country. I've missed my funny snow boots and the cracker bread for breakfast, I've missed the cold on my cheeks and the long silent days where you have headspace to gather your thoughts.

I've missed the slow pace of life and twinkly candles, I've missed the simplicity of every day living and breathtaking views, I've missed the elk meat tacos and cray fish and glogg and I've missed the early nights that happen regularly because the fresh air and quiet times make you ever so sleepy!

I've missed the space and the trees and the time for good conversation...and the time to say nothing at all and thats ok too, I've missed the authenticity of a lifestyle that gives you time to just be. 

I've really missed just doing nothing at all...

Sweden, Sara, Karin, Julius and Ella, until next time, thank you for one of my most favourite holidays ever, we have made some magical family memories to treasure forever. 

Allison x x x