Maker of the week... The Hungry squirrel January 16 2015

Eek, hello lovelies, I'm so excited about this post! 

One, because its the very first Maker I will be featuring in my Maker of the week series and two, because I've fallen a little bit in love with this guy and his wooden bowls and spoons! :) see .. how gorgeous are these?...


Bowl turner, spoon carver and green woodworker, let me introduce you to the super talented Will the man behind The Hungry Squirrel 

Me - tell me a little bit about you?

I'm Will, a green woodworker specialising in kitchenware from bowls to plates to spoons. My father used to have his own kitchen company so I have grown up in the sawdust but finally settled with green woodworking. I like being able to go to my forest worker, who I also work for and to select the trees I need for what I'm making and to go from a standing tree to a finished product, it's a great feeling and working nearly exclusively with hand tools is a peaceful job. 


Me - where are you based?

I'm based in Kent, UK. I work from a small home based workshop and also out in the forest when I can. Working directly in the area the wood comes from is a nice thing to do, unless its raining, everyone hates the rain. 

Me - what do you make?

I specialise in eating wares made from wood, using mainly sycamore, birch and oak. I make wooden plates and bowls on a foot powered lathe of a similar design that has been used for thousands of years. I also make wooden spoons for cooking and eating... the feeling of wooden spoons is great.

The best time is an early morning when it's quiet and there's no clink clink of metal on ceramic with wood.

I also make rustic chairs and furniture and related items all in a traditional method.

Me - where do you sell your wares?

I mainly sell my wares online through my site but enjoy selling at local fairs and craft sows if I can.

Me - what inspires you?

The thing that keeps me making the goods is to see and hear from customers telling me they have received their orders and how happy they are with them. Making other people happy is a great thing to be able to do and when your providing them with unique wooden goods its even better.


Me - what are your hopes and dreams?

My hopes for the future would be to see my customer and fan base grow and for the demand for my work to increase. I'd like to see everyone switching to the wooden way of eating. Something I'm also working towards is being able to run courses and to teach other people how to make their own wooden goods and enjoy doing it. 

Me again!

So there we have it, my first Maker interview, how lovely and inspiring was that?... a true craftsman through and through and I LOVE the authenticity of his work and lifestyle. 

I can't tell you how happy I am to have discovered Will and his beautiful work, I'm really looking forward to following his journey over on Instagram and am thrilled to be able to share a little of his story here on my blog (a million thanks Will for answering my questions!) I hope you'll agree he's an amazing guy and go check out some more of his work too

Cant wait til next week to share another Maker with you, until then...

keep on sharing the handmade love folks, you could be featured here very soon!

Allison x x x