Make it Sewcial 2015... January 15 2015

hello my friends and a very Happy New Year to you! 

The festivities are well and truly over and the coming weeks are full of promise and excitement for what 2015 will bring...

To help ease us back in and to brighten up our Mondays (when actually, all we really want to do is hibernate underneath the duvet) Make it Sewcial is back for another season of handmade loveliness!

Every week this community of Makers is growing stronger and stronger, and I have a really lovely feeling that this year some truly amazing things are going to happen!

There are now nearly 12,000 posts in the Instagram gallery from creatives all over the world and the diversity of crafts and work shared every week warms my heart and makes me smile.



Make it Sewcial is all about living and loving handmade, inspiring, sharing, supporting and connecting a creative community... Its working. Big time.

I have lots of ideas to keep on making Mondays the most creative day of the week, starting with a new regular 'Maker of the week' feature which I'll be posting here every Friday, thats tomorrow! Eek!

You can look forward to finding out more about the creatives, their talents and the crafts that inspire them to do what they do so well. I'm excited.. hope you are too lovelies! See you tomorrow.

big love 

Allison x x x