Cornwall completes me... November 11 2014

If you follow me over on Instagram (where I spend more time than I probably should!) you will know that this year I've been fortunate enough to spend three whole weeks in my most favourite part of the world. 

I wanted to share some of that loveliness here. 


Two beautiful bright and sunny weeks in the Summer and one crisp and cosy week in the Autumn. Walking along stunning coastal paths, staring at the deep blue sea and spending precious time out with my lovely family. Just bliss.  


Enjoying the longest days on the beach, watching the sunrise above the ocean in the morning and staring in awe at the most amazing coloured sunsets in the evening, I'm pretty sure I've never ever seen anything so magical in all my life, not anything that warms my soul quite as much as this. Its almost impossible to capture with my camera phone, but I did my best... no filter! 

My beautiful beautiful kids... love them so and will hold these happy memories close to my heart to cherish forever and ever

We like to shop for treats at Roo's beach...

And drink cocktails made from rum and juice in the afternoon whilst watching the cows graze on top of the hill from our cute little apartment... when we leave our cute little apartment we head to St Ives to drink tea and eat chocolate cake at The Vintage store and coffee shop, we never leave without buying some goodies here too! 

We cook dinner on the beach and serve it up in enamel bowls bought from the old fashioned camping shop in Padstow

And we watch pretty boats bobbing in the harbour...

Sometimes we pull over by the roadside to buy coffee and cake from an old morris minor :)

And we dream of The People shop becoming neighbours with the Deli...

Especially when me and mr C are merry on mulled wine!

Cornwall I love you more than ever and can't wait to feel the cold wet sand beneath my feet again... thank you for your glorious blue days of sunshine, thank you for the fresh air that blows through my hair and feels lovely on my cheeks, thank you for the fish and chips and pasties, cream teas, ice creams and fudge, thank you for the peace and quiet and relaxing days to just be for as long as you want to ... for the moments to huddle on the beach, thank you for keeping me going until next time... thank you for filling my heart and soul up to the top... I miss you

until next time, I'll be dreaming of you.

love Allison x x x