happy 1st birthday Make it Sewcial November 10 2014

hello sweet lovelies!

Make it Sewcial is celebrating its 1st birthday! can you believe it?... a whole year gone by already, in a flurry of colourful sewing and knitting and crochet and baking and embroidery and patchwork, felting and painting and lots of other lovely handmade stuff in between! 

Yup, from a little idea I had to start a hashtag... to building an online community connecting over nine thousand crafters and makers worldwide. Crazy! I never imagined for one second it would be quite so amazing. 

Here are just a few of the handmade projects featured in the Instagram #makeitsewcial gallery that have made me smile!


heaps of talent and inspirational ideas, from newbies and beginners to professional makers and crafty business owners! all of it made with heaps of love


We've shared all of these handmade projects alongside some good conversation too in the weekly Make it Sewcial crafty chit chat sessions. We've talked about the price of wool and the best place to buy it, we've talked about crafty hopes and dreams, we've talked about where to find your crafty mojo when it appears to be hiding underneath your fabric stash and we've talked about our crafty rooms and work studios and the little corners of our homes where the creative magic happens! here's a snapshot of those happy spaces, you can see some more in the Instagram gallery. 

I believe its the simple things that develop and grow into something really special and beautiful that turn out to be the best things, It really is possible from one small idea to make some really big changes, to encourage, inspire and motivate each other to keep building this gorgeous community of like minded crafters and makers who prefer the joy of doing things independently and who love celebrating all things diy and handmade.

So. I think my little idea worked out quite well don't you?!... Its certainly filled my heart with happiness every week and I know from the lovely messages I receive from my readers that its made Monday the happiest day of the week for you too! Thank you all for being a part of this loveliness. 

Its absolutely the way forward. 

Keep on making and sharing the handmade love beautiful people! I'm off to eat birthday cake! 

Allison x x x