Make it Sewcial... part 2 September 08 2014

Morning lovelies, 

After a lovely, long, lazy Summer, It feels soooo good to be back! Im feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to go with lots of exciting new plans and ideas. I've also made some little changes to Monday's Make it Sewcial ... which I'm really excited to tell you about too. 



So here we go...

Every Monday you can still look forward to waking up to the happiest start to the week, I want you to use that 'Make it Sewcial hashtag till your hearts content, share your handmade projects and crafty makes and the best bit, continue to connect with crafters and makers all over the world.

Then because I like to give you something lovely to look forward to at the end of the week, I'll still be sharing a collection of your lovely makes and choosing a MAKER of the week - Crafter of the week has gone all grown up and it does have a lovely ring to it don't you think?... Make it Sewcial's Maker of the Week 'makes' perfect sense to me! You may even be lucky enough to be featured right here on my blog!

Our regular Monday night chat between 9.00 and 10pm will pretty much stay the same for now, unless of course you have some fantastic suggestions for crafty stuff you're desperate to talk about, I would love to hear your ideas... fire them over to me and we could be talking about them before you can say "whats the easiest way to insert a zip" 

And finally... I won't be doing my weekly tutorials, but I will treat you to a lovely DIY tutorial as and when I can squeeze them in. I'm going to be a very busy girly working on some very exciting secret projects (sorry to be a tease) but somethings are 'absolutely' worth waiting for and its time for me to make the next chapter of the Make it Sewcial story happen.

So for now sweet lovelies, keep on crafting, keep on making and keep on sharing the handmade love.

Big love

Allison x x x