she designed a life she loved... July 31 2014

I'm not kidding, take a look at this

This was June...



And this was July...



At the end of every month I like to post a round up of all the pics I've shared over the past few weeks (double whammy this time, as I missed the moment with June, so I've sneaked it in here!) its a wonderful reminder of all the loveliness I'm grateful for and is a gorgeous visual diary of how beautiful life can be/is!

I smile every time I look at these pictures and think about the colourful life I've captured here. I seriously never stop counting my blessings every single day! 

None of this is fake styling, none of this has landed in my lap, none of this is borrowed from anyone else, I work my big fluffy hair off and make the most of everything we do (with Mr C's help of course) to make it all happen, to put the 'joy' into life, and this is the lovely result, this is the happiness that I have created for myself and my family to enjoy.

Its not about showing off, or comparing yourself to others, its about satisfying your 'own' dreams, and finding your own 'happy' and squeezing every last drop out of it. Your 'happy' should come from within, straight from your heart... anyone can do It!

You only get one go my friends, better make it beautiful!

big love

Allison x x x