Make it Sewcial... super sized beach bag July 28 2014

Hello lovelies!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the glorious sunshine we've been blessed with here in the UK! Isn't it just the best?... I love it lots!

As you've probably noticed I'm on go slow at the moment, but after all, isn't that what the Summer months are made for? long lazy days in the garden pottering about, cocktails and outdoor living? I think so! I've been soaking up those rays with my best boy and best girl and easing myself gently into the first week of the school hols, its been absolute bliss!



So today for my final tutorial of the season I wanted to spoil you with some step by step instructions for a classic Summer essential, my easy peasy super size beach bag! This little number has bags (pardon the pun) of room for carrying your cossie, suncream, sunnies and favourite magazines stylishly down to the beach! and of course its nice and simple to make.

here you go : 



1) choose some pretty fabric, neon pink is always good and use a clashing fabric to make your pocket. now you can make this bag whatever size you like but if you're like me you probably want to make this super size version, then you have extra space for your chilled bottle of fizzy stuff and a warm cardi for when it gets a little chilly on the evening! I've used 1 metre here and thats plenty for the lining too, cut the fabric in half (for the bag and the lining pieces)

2) cut a patch pocket, make it big enough for your holiday read - there really is no need to get the tape measure out for this project, just relax and go with what you think looks right

3) iron over the edges of your pocket, position it on the centre front of your bag and stitch into place, leaving the top edge open for your book!

4) fold one of the pieces in half and stitch down both sides, repeat with the second piece of fabric for the lining



5) once you have stitched down the side seams flatten it out as in picture 5

6) now you are going to stitch a triangle across the corner of that seam to perform a little stitchery magic to give your bag a 3D shape (bags as flat as pancakes just won't do!)

7) see?... good isn't it! repeat to the other three corners

8) pop the two bag pieces one inside the other, so that the lining is the right way too, then iron over the top edge twice to create a nice neat finish with all the raw edges tucked away neatly inside



9) make some simple straps by stitching two lengths of grossgrain ribbon together, this will ensure your bag handles are nice and strong for carrying that chilled bottle of fizzy stuff we talked about earlier ;) make the straps however long you want them to be

10) tuck the end of the strap underneath your ironed edge and pin into place, repeat with the other three bits and stitch all the way around your bag

11) turn your bag over and sew a row of top stitching all the way around, all this extra stitching will make your beach bag extra strong just incase you want to bring a picnic to the beach too (nothing as special as freshly made sandwiches and crisps packed into a plastic tub ready to enjoy by the seaside looking at the sea! 

12) all done, one finished super sized beach bag for carrying your cossie, suncream, sunnies, favourite magazines, fizzy stuff, holiday read, cardi, sandwiches, crisps and flip flops, must not forget those flip flops! 



And if you're not going on your holibobs, this is the perfect shopper for the supermarket too, you can make them in all different sizes for all your different chores, mix and match them in florals and stripes, spots and chevrons, whatever fabrics and colours make you happy! 



I mentioned earlier that this was my last Make it Sewcial tutorial of the season, but don't worry I'll be back in September with heaps more exciting makes and styling ideas, tips and little sewing tricks to help you along your way, but for now I've worked like a crazy thing so that I can go slow for the rest of Summer and enjoy some precious time with my family

I'll still be around, posting and sharing on Instagram and twitter and Facebook and I want you all to keep on sharing your handmade loveliness too, but for now I'm counting down the days til I'm enjoying my freshly made sandwiches on the beach.

Keep on making

big love for now

Allison x x x