Make it Sewcial... fruity'licious melon purse July 07 2014

Hello lovelies! 

Good to see you here again for this weeks Make it Sewcial tutorial, hope you're feeling up for something a little fruity?... 



Unless you live on planet Mars, It would be impossible not to notice that all things fruity are big news this Summer, bananas, pineapples and melons are not only turning up in your yummy breakfast smoothies but these juicy fruits are adorning everything from flip flops to shoppers to T-shirts and jewellery. 

I too have fallen head over heels in love with this latest trend and couldn't resist designing and making this delicious melon purse! Here's the step by step instructions for you to soak up a little bit of that tropical feeling too.



1) materials - you will need some red and green cotton drill (this fabric is a nice weight to make a purse in and 1/2 metre should be plenty to make one or two more for your friends) some black and white felt and a 7 or 8 inch matching zip

2) you will need three different size plates to trace off a pattern for your purse (the largest being your average size dinner plate)

3) trace a large green cotton circle, a medium size white felt circle and a smaller red cotton circle - cut each circle in half to make a semi circle or slice of melon ;)

4) using a teeny bit of black felt cut yourself some melon pips, I cut 14 in total for the front and back 



5) position the pips in place ready for stitching

6) stitch each pip down the centre to secure in place 

7) starting with the green piece of fabric, layer them together to create your melon slice!

8) using a zig zag stitch, because it looks pretty, stitch the layers on one on top of each other 



9) thats's the front completed, repeat steps 7 and 8 to make the back of the purse

10) place right sides together

11) using your largest loosest stitch, sew along the straight edges of the purse, using a good 1cm seam allowance

12) open it out, your purse should look like this, you'll probably be feeling a little confused here as to how you get your coins inside your purse?.. don't worry this is where the magic happens! by the way, how cute does your melon look?... I can totally feel several more melon projects coming up soon! 


Ok, so whats this magic stuff I'm talking about? well, I get asked a zillion times about zips, yep, I can hear you holding your breath... 'DON'T'

fear not my lovelies, worry no more, this tutorial is as much about making a cute purse as it is about sharing one of my best kept secrets 'how to insert a zip really EASILY 

Ready? here we go

13) turn your melon piece over and iron the seam nice and flat

14) lay your zip (facing down) directly on top of the closed seam and pin in place, using a zip foot, stitch along your zip until you reach the end, repeat the other side

15) turn your fabric over and admire your straight stitches 

16) using a stitch un-picker, gently open the seam 



17) can you see whats peeking through?

18) one beautiful EASILY inserted zip, no messing, no faffing, no zips in the wrong place, just one scary job, nice and simply done. Its amazing how many times you may have rejected a project because it had a zip in it, not anymore!

19) now its time to stitch around your melon purse (again, about 1cm seam allowance is plenty)

20) and finally snip off the pointy corners to make it easier to turn through and thats it, all the hard work all done, that wasn't too painful now was it!

And just take a look at the GORGEOUS results



Swoon, cute huh, told you it was a good 'un, and hopefully I've managed to take away a little itty bit of the fear that may have been spoiling some of your sewing fun! Time to dust off the old sewing machine? I hope so!

Happy making sweeties

big love

Allison x x x