Connecting a community of crafters and makers worldwide... Make it Sewcial May 26 2014

Evening sweet lovelies!

Its Mondays' Make it Sewcial which usually means by day, I'd be sharing a pretty 'how to' tutorial with you and by night I'd be thinking about asking you a question so that we can all have a good old chit chat about some lovely crafty makey stuff. 

Today I took the day off, but not completely, I wanted to write a little something special to all of the gorgeous crafters and makers all over the world (yeah, every time I say that I get very emotional!) who have joined in and shared their handmade projects over on Instagram.

See this... its a world map and see those hearts?... well each one represents a crafter and maker! Epic stuff huh? 



We have crafters and makers, knitters and sewers, crocheters, illustrators, designers, jewellers, bakers and more all of whom share a love of everything handmade, we share the joy of creating and the complete happiness that sharing and inspiring each other brings. 



When I started Make it Sewcial just over 6 months ago I could only dream that it would become this big, I always knew how special it would be, but I wanted you guys to help me make it happen and you absolutely have, every single week, by the hundreds. 

Look how many talented makers and crafters have joined in...






Week after week we share ideas, talk to each other, follow new people, make new friends and encourage each other to try something new, but the most important thing to me, the thing that melts my heart and fills me up with the biggest love is the THE CONNECTIONS WE ARE MAKING all over the world.

Connections brought together by inspiring makers to be a part of this gorgeous community of like minded people. Connections that have made Mondays the happiest start to the week! 





Connections between newbie crafters, skilled crafters, people who craft for business and people who craft for pleasure, little people, big people, families, and everybody in-between who cares to pick up those knitting needles, crochet hooks or to sit in front of the sewing machine for the very first time.

Make it Sewcial has inspired them all to join in.




This project has connected nearly 4000 crafters from all around the globe and that figure is growing daily. I recently asked makers to give me a wave from their crafty corner of the world... what happened next on that Monday night will stay with me for a very long time. The response was phenomenal, over 500 hello's and waves and smiles and comments from all over the world in the space of just two hours! Yeah, I cried a lot of happy tears that night! 

I got some big crafty hello's from New York, Japan, Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, Australia, Holland, Brisbane, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Florida, Cornwall, Seattle, Sweden, France, Norway, Italy, Turkey, England, Greece, Russia, India, Germany, Hungary, Philippines, Switzerland, Morocco, Croatia, Denmark, Tasmania and portland too and so many more I would fill up my whole computer if I tried to mention every single one here! 




These are just a few of the tutorials I share on my blog every week, projects that I love, projects that are fun and inspiring and projects that are simple, stylish and suitable for everyone. Thats what crafting should be all about... creating handmade loveliness straight from the heart and soul... 

Thank you to everyone who has joined in and shared the handmade love! Lets keep on making Mondays the best day of the week  #makeitsewcial 

Big love

Allison x x x