I'm a 'tastemaker' for Great.Ly May 22 2014

Hello lovelies!

have you heard about a new online market place that brings makers, tastemakers and shoppers together?... well if you haven't, pop the kettle on and pull up a seat so that I can tell you a little bit more about this exciting new thing called Great.Ly



Great.Ly works by connecting the dots between the 'makers' thats the lovely people who make all the lovely things, with the shoppers, thats the lovely people who want to 'buy' all the lovely things... with the 'tastemakers' (thats me!) the person who finds all the lovely things to share with you guys! 

Then all of these lovely things are there ready for you to shop away til your hearts content! that sure is a whole lotta loveliness in one place!





Ok, so keeping it as simple as possible thats the set up, I'm a little bit thrilled about it all because I'm one of the lucky few who has been invited to curate a boutique full of gorgeous things, oh yes, I get the lovely job of hand picking lots of goodies from makers all over the world to fill up my Great.ly online store 'People shop loves'



Now you know how much I adore all things handmade right? and how much I love supporting the crafters and designers too? well now I get the opportunity to work with more makers than ever before, sharing that 'handmade love just a little bit further... after all, theres only so much stuff a girl can fit on those People shop shelves in our bricks and mortar shop and online store! now I've got a whole new set of shelves waiting to be filled up with even more treats. 

Look, here we go, a sneak peek at a few of the 'People shop loves' favourite picks to wet your appetite!


from left to right - hello gorgeous print by Graphic Anthology, heart cake topper by Splendid Supply Co, Aztec triangle necklace by Hana Brewster and home is where the heart is print by Rosa Pearson, all lovely lovely products carefully picked to sit beautifully alongside The People shop gorgeousness, they work rather nicely together don't you think? 




So thats a little bit about the Great.Ly story so far.

It launches today, its an exciting place, its a little bit different to anything you may have seen before and I'm right here at the beginning of the journey looking forward to seeing where it may take me. Like all things new, everybody involved in making this happen is probably feeling very excited and a teeny weeny bit nervous too, so how about heading over to Great.Ly now to meet the other wonderful makers and tastemakers and showing them some love...

happy shopping everyone!

Allison x x x