Make it Sewcial... flower wreath May 19 2014

hello my sweet lovelies! Its the perfect weather here in the UK for setting up a little crafty corner in the garden to do my Make it Sewcial tutorial today... sunshine and pretty things?.. yep, I'm more than happy to go with that!

this is what I've been up to...



I've been making a really pretty flowery wreath! This is something I've wanted to have a go at making for ages and waking up this morning to glorious blue skies and fluffy clouds definitely put me in the mood for creating something beautiful 'outdoors'

heres how you can make a Summery floral wreath too



1) materials - you will need some pretty fresh flowers of your choice (there are certainly no shortage of pretty flowers in my house, so this is an alternative way to display them!) 

*top tip* you could always use silk flowers if you want your wreath to last forever 

2) this is the cool part - you will need one wooden embroidery hoop, now I've seen these wreaths made on wire frames and hoops made of twiggy wooden sticks but you know me by now, I like to do things a little bit differently, I like to do things in my own special way and I also like to use materials that are readily available to everybody.

Twiggy wooden hoops are very difficult to find (I tried) and embroidery hoops are very easy to find in any craft store or haberdashery department, you may already even have one lurking about at the bottom of your craft cupboard. Anyway thats what I used and it worked a treat.

3) you will also need some jewellery or floristry wire

4) and some good old washi tape (I've used the fabric tape here but it works in exactly the same way as washi, so just use what you have at home 



5) leave the two wooden hoop pieces together to create a more substantial hoop and wrap the washi tape all the way around

6) keep going until you have covered the hoop completely 

7) cut yourself a piece of wire about 10cm long and push it through the stem of your flower, you can wrap it around the base of the flower too, to make it nice and secure

8) keep on wiring up an assortment of flowers until you are happy you have enough to create the wreath you want (then nip indoors to cool off for 5 because you and your pretty flowers are melting in the sunshine!) start attaching your flowers to your hoop like this...



You could happily fill the whole hoop up if you like or just do a smaller section like I have here for a really simple and stylish version, It also means that it won't cost you a fortune to make it look utterly gorgeous! 

I've used some pretty roses and a few pretty blooms straight from the garden too, like buttercups and daisies because theres nothing nicer than nipping outside and cutting flowers you've grown yourself and It also gives my wreath a more natural 'homespun just picked kinda look' which I absolutely love. 

Here it is hanging on my friends front door, so much nicer when you go to visit than taking a regular bunch of flowers! 



Obviously this type of wreath won't last forever, but if you spray it a few times with cool water you might be able to enjoy it for a few extra days, and I had such a lovely time making it in the sunshine, thats what counts after all, hope you enjoy having a go too. 

happy making everyone!

big love

Allison x x x