Make it Sewcial... happy beads May 12 2014

hello sweeties, hooray for another lovely Monday sharing the handmade love right here at Make it Sewcial headquarters! :) 



this week's tutorial is an old favourite of mine, I'm showing you how to make the most gorgeous colourful arm candy ever! Me and Mr C have been making these for over ten years now and they never fail to make me smile. Especially when you wear lots of them piled together like I do!

How utterly scrumptious do they look?... 



They really are not difficult to do (you could even make them with your kids) but choosing the right colours and beads will make your 'happy' arm candy extra special. 

Oky doky lovelies, heres how you do it



1) choose yourself some beads, the more colourful and fun the better (you will need approx 30 beads in total) 

2) you will need some letter beads too, spelling out whatever you fancy

3) and finally some strong clear elastic 

4) here comes the special bit... these beads aren't just called happy beads because they make you smile, oh no, each bracelet has 10 special beads carefully chosen to guarantee 100% happiness every time you wear it! 

This is what each carefully chosen bead represents 

PEACE - for peace (obvs!)

STAR - to let your creativity shine

DICE - for good luck

HEART - for love

PEARL - for wisdom

SMILEY - for smiles (obvs!)

FLOWER - for freedom

MIRACLE - to ensure the magic happens

BELL - to add a jingle to your step

FRUIT - for good health

See, we've taken care of everything! 



5) arrange your letter beads to spell out something lovely

6) tie a bead onto one end of the elastic to stop your beads falling off, now you're ready to start threading your bracelet

7) theres no real order or rules here, just thread the colours and shapes until you start smiling 

8) then tie a knot in your bracelet to secure all your beads. job done. feeling happier yet? good stuff. tickety boo. yippeedy doo dah

As this is an extremely happy tutorial I'm going to spoil you with a couple of other really easy ideas and as I said before the more bracelets you pile together the merrier you will be! How about threading up some pretty miracle beads with a cute silver heart



Or how's about this, cutting some strips of neon pink jersey fabric... 



and then tie a knot in three strands and plait it together



until it looks like this



then tie a knot in the other end and thats it, another one done to add to the collection! Yummy yummy super scrummy happiest arm candy ever, don't ya think?



I feel naked without mine! Come rain or shine my happy beads always brighten my day! 

And guess what, if you're not feeling in the crafty mood or you're just too busy knitting socks to want to stop and make a happy bracelet then do not worry your pretty little heads because we've done all the hard work for you and these little cuties will soon be available to order in the online shop! Told you I had big plans to spoil you today!



happy making lovelies!

big love

Allison x x x