Make it Sewcial... painted shelf May 05 2014

hello lovelies!

This is the final piece of furniture I'm painting for my lovely new craft room and I absolutely LOVE it!




I've painted it in Habitat banana yellow which has to be the happiest colour on the planet! Don't you think?...

I'm also pretty chuffed to have found the perfect shelf unit for the job, you know when you need some extra shelving, something just the right size for your bits and bobs, something easy to paint and pretty up that will work in any room or space, well this is it! And I didn't even have to trawl the charity shops to find it, this little shelving unit came from Argos and is available in untreated pine all ready for you to paint up in whatever colour takes your fancy (about Argos, I would never normally direct anyone to the big boys but on this occasion its too good not to!)

Heres how I made mine look so gorgeous 



1) go get yourself an untreated pine shelf for 20 quid from Argos (or you could paint up an old one if you already have one ready to go) 

2) choose a happy paint colour - these Habitat tester pots come in the best colours and the application is brilliant. Untreated pine + Habitat paint = one coat and your done 

3) paint your cute little shelf unit

4) I like to pretty up my paint jobs and customise my shelves with pretty paper 

5) measure the back of your shelf and cut the paper to fit

6) no need for glue here... are you ready for this? use some blue tack (don't knock it till you've tried it) using a little itty bit of blue tack all the way the around the edge means you can change your pretty paper whenever the mood takes your fancy. Clouds and florals one day, spots and stripes the next! How cool is that? for a girl like me who likes to keep things lookin' fresh this works a treat. 

And thats it. Nothing taxing about that. No sanding, no undercoat, no fussing, just one very gorgeous shelf unit ready for you to fill with lovely things



Look, its even got three little handy hooks, I'm gonna make some cute little storage bags to hang from mine :) 

happy making sweeties

big love

Allison x x x