Saturday flowers from Mr C... May 03 2014

Todays beautiful flowers from Mr C have literally had me pottering about all day!



So much prettiness and such a colourful selection, I mean would you take a look at these... the teeny tiniest prettiest pink flowers ever! They are called 'bouvardias' if you want to try and get some, I think you should, I'm sure you'll love them just as much as me.



lovely displayed on there own, or like this...



grouped together with pink peonies, tulips, stocks, carnations and pure white freesias that smell so wonderfully gorgeous and delicious, just perfect for filling your home with the sweet scent of Summer. 



Can you see why I had such a lovely lovely Saturday? After a jam packed week full of work stuff and pre Blogtacular nerves and excitement, taking it easy, opening up the windows to let the sunshine in and styling my home with beautiful flowers is just about the nicest way to start a long bank holiday weekend. 



Blue skies, sunshine and the happiest flowers equals a very happy me! and a very happy start to the month of May too, its all set to be another exciting one and you can read all about it right here! See ya soon lovelies :) 

big love  

Allison x x x